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Eligibility for Support Services

Singapore American School recognizes that some students, regardless of specific disabilities, may benefit from Support Services to thrive academically at SAS. Both students with identified disabilities and those without may access support services if they demonstrate significant educational needs and do not adequately respond to classroom-based strategies. Eligibility determinations are made during a Student Support-Meeting (SSM) based on data indicating the student's educational needs, their response to previous interventions, and any other pertinent information.

Services Offered

At Singapore American School, we provide a comprehensive array of support services for students with additional learning and speech-language  needs. These services are delivered through various models and providers to effectively address the diverse learning needs of our high school students. Parents, students, teachers, counselors, psychologists, and administrators can refer students for these support services.

Collaborative Teaching

Collaboration occurs across various high school classes, combining subject-area teachers with learning support instructors. The composition of co-taught classes may vary each year based on the specific requirements of students.


Elective Courses in Learning Support

The Learning Support Department offers a range of courses designed to assist students in achieving personalized goals outlined in their Individual Education Support Plan (IESP). These courses aim to equip students with the skills and strategies necessary for academic advancement, with tailored small-group instruction provided in areas such as literacy, mathematics, and executive functioning. High school Learning Support course offerings include:

Learning Lab: Flexible assistance for enhancing literacy, math, and executive functioning skills.

English Language Arts Lab II: Targeted literacy support for students in grades 10-12.

Geometry Lab: Specialized math support for those enrolled in the Geometry course.

Learning Support II: Executive functioning support for students in grades 10-12.

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Testing and Classroom-Based Accommodations

Students with diagnosed learning disabilities and specific classroom needs may be eligible for classroom-based and testing accommodations. These accommodations are personalized to each student's unique learning profile and are formalized in an Individual Accommodation Plan. Plans are maintained by the student’s case manager, undergo at least an annual review and can be modified as necessary.

Speech-Language Services

 Speech and language intervention aims to assist students facing communication delays, disorders, or social communication challenges impacting their classroom communication. The speech-language specialist evaluates various facets of a child's communication abilities (articulation, receptive and expressive language, voice, and fluency) to determine the necessity for services.

Psychological and Counseling Services

Full psychological services, including counseling, psychoeducational evaluations, risk assessments, and learning support case management, are offered. Comprehensive counseling services support students' social-emotional well-being.