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Who Qualifies for Support Services?

Singapore American School recognizes that some students, regardless of a specific disability, may benefit from Support Services to thrive at SAS. Both students with identified disabilities and those without may access support services if they exhibit significant educational needs and do not adequately respond to classroom-based strategies. Eligibility assessments occur during a Student Support Meeting (SSM), considering data indicating the student's educational requirements, their response to prior interventions, and any other pertinent information.

Support Services Offered

Singapore American School provides a diverse array of support services catering to students with additional learning and language needs. These services employ various delivery models and providers to effectively address the diverse learning requirements of our students. Parents, students, teachers, counselors, psychologists, and administrators can refer students for these support services.

Collaborative Consultation

Involves collaboration between Learning Support Teachers, psychologists, and Speech & Language Pathologists with classroom teachers to offer support.


Learning Support

Short-term academic interventions are documented on an intervention plan, while ongoing support necessitates an Individual Education Support Plan (IESP). The Learning Support Teacher formulates instructional objectives based on the student's performance, delivering individual or small group support in learning environments 

Social-emotional or Behavioral Support

Full psychological services are provided, including counseling, psychoeducational evaluation, risk assessment, and behavior support case management. Comprehensive counseling services are available to support students’ social-emotional well-being. 

Speech Language

The speech and language therapy program identifies and assists students with communication delays or disorders. Assessments by speech-language pathologists determine the need for intervention. Annual screenings are provided for all kindergarten students.