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Our Approach

At SAS, our Support Services Program is committed to catering to the specific requirements of students facing learning differences. We are dedicated to delivering personalized instruction, accommodations, and adjustments that nurture the social, and emotional development of our youngest learners. Our goal is to empower students towards independent and fruitful learning, arming them with enduring skills and behaviors essential for success.

Early Intervention

Collaboration between the Early Interventionist and ELC educators is paramount in coordinating and bolstering interventions, both in the classroom and within dedicated support services. Upon identifying a student, an intervention plan or an Individual Education Support Plan (IESP) is meticulously crafted to delineate objectives. Additionally, the Interventionist offers parental guidance, individualized family support, and conducts workshops for teachers and instructional assistants, enriching their ability to support our youngest learners.

Speech-Language Support

Our team of speech and language pathologists specializes in identifying and aiding children with communication delays or disorders that impact academic and socio-emotional growth. Assessing various facets of communication skills, such as articulation, language, voice, and fluency, our SLPs determine the presence of any delays or disorders.