Empowered to Make a Difference

We believe that the best service comes out of extraordinary care, and our students exhibit just that every day. Opportunities for service abound for SAS students from kindergarten through grade 12, both at school and in the community. Scores of student-led initiatives have flourished over the years, and new ones are constantly evolving in response to local and global needs. Students at SAS are empowered to make a difference in their communities and develop an early commitment to active citizenship as part of being a responsible global citizen.

Putting others before themselves from a young age, SAS students from kindergarten to grade twelve take part in service learning opportunities in school, in their community, and in regional and global communities. They find meaning in benefiting others when they brainstorm, research, interview, plan activities, build connections, and contribute to communities’ areas of need.

Service learning is integrated into our kindergarten to eighth grade curriculum, and our students themselves have initiated over 40 high school service clubs. Six passionate elected students guide all high school service clubs by serving on our Executive Service Council. Students who join these clubs develop skills such as taking initiative, collaborating, organizing, and implementing. Encouraged to initiate their own service learning projects, they work on valuable life skills and towards becoming responsible, enlightened, and reflective global citizens.

A Force For Good



of high school students voluntarily take part in community service each year


individuals are fed each month by our second grade students' work with Food from the Heart


service clubs are offered in high school


years old is the age when we begin helping students understand the value and need for service work

Our Passionate Global Citizens

Learn about our past service learning opportunities by the SAS community.

Date Range
International Coastal Cleanup

For the past 16 years, SAS students and teachers have been giving up a Saturday every September for the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore. Two years ago, 63 participants from SAS collected 68 bags of trash weighing 542 kg in total. 542 kg of trash, all in the space of 200 meters!

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SAS: An Education For Life

SAS exposed me to intellectual diversity. There are so many classes to choose from, teachers who specialize in different fields, students with varied interests, innumerable clubs – service oriented and general opportunities for leadership and teamwork.

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When SAS teachers, Kelly McFadzen and Alison Cuthbert started a charter of this worldwide charitable organization in Singapore, they hoped that through the SAS community, they could make $100 turn into $10,000 for non-profit organizations in Singapore.

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Happy Earth Day

Every April 22nd, people around the world take time to celebrate the environment and reflect on how humans can better care for our increasingly stressed planet. At Singapore American School, we promote environmental responsibility year-round by educating our international students about the scientific, societal, and ethical implications of environmental change in our curriculum.

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Baseball Gives Back

When people think about baseball, they do not actually think about community service. But this past December, that is exactly what happened.

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Building Beauty

For Bianca Antonio, the combination of advanced mathematics and progressive art was the perfect equation for a beautiful future. At Singapore American School, Bianca discovered the intersection of her passions in a structural engineering class.

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At your service

As we arrived in Yangthang in the foothills of the Himalayas with our donations, the Bhutanese students welcomed us with a traditional dance and yak-butter tea. Language barriers were broken by smiles and laughs. By the end of the week as our bus pulled away we looked back and saw a village waving. We were family now, service acting as the glue between us. We had served them, and they had served us in return.

Bryanna entwistle (Class of 2019)

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