The Singapore American School identification card for students, parents, faculty, and staff is called the SASCard. It is a smart card that can be used for school identification, cashless purchases on campus, and many more.

SASCard Functions

  • Campus access
  • Cafeteria purchases
  • Eagle Stop, Booster Booth and PTA purchases
  • Library checkouts
  • School printers and copiers
  • Bus access
  • Add funds online with your credit card
  • Add funds on-campus with cash
  • Check account activity online
  • NETS FlashPay services (To learn more about NETS FlashPay, click here.)
    • Public transportation
    • ERP gantries
    • Parking
    • Retail and other payments

SASCard Services at the Eagle Stop

The SASCard office is located within the Eagle Stop. The Eagle Stop is a one-stop shop for all SASCard, bus, and uniform services as well as buy school supplies.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday
7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Contact Us:
+65 6360 6075

Online SASCard Center

The SASCard center is a secure website where all SASCard users can manage their SASCard accounts. It can be accessed by logging in to the MySAS portal.

One-time Account Registration

Register one or multiple SASCard accounts with a single password-protected login.

View Balances

Cardholders may display account balances in real time.

Check Transaction Histories

Transaction histories are available for the most recent six month period. Information displayed for each transaction includes account, date/time, location, type of transaction, amount of transaction, and remaining balance.

Report Lost or Found Cards

An immediate hold can be placed on your SASCard account funds. To report your card lost, login to the SASCard Center or email

Low-Balance Notification

Preferences for a low-balance email notification must be set-up on your SASCard Account page. We strongly recommend that you set up a low-balance reminder for each card holder in your family. Upon log in, follow link for “preferences” and fill in desired minimum notification balance.

Credit Card Top-Up

All major credit card types are accepted.