The SAS Health Team

It is the focus of the health team to ensure student health and wellness needs are attended to via a caring and holistic approach. Our goals as a health team are to empower students with appropriate knowledge, skills, and confidence within the realm of health and well-being, potentiating their ability to care for themselves and others around them. We know that people learn most effectively when they are happy and healthy.

The SAS Nurses

We have two nursing offices at SAS. One is located in the elementary school and the other is located in the middle school. The office located in the middle school serves students from the Early Childhood Center, middle school, and high school. The nurses' offices are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Both offices have qualified registered nurses in attendance.

School Physical Examination

Singapore American School requires that a completed medical examination form be submitted before a student can attend classes and activities at SAS. The medical exam must be dated within six months prior to the start of the school term and signed by a doctor. This medical examination form must be completed again when students move up a division, such as from elementary school to middle school, from middle school to high school, or every year if they participate in sports.

The school nurse manages the health of your child based on the information given on the medical examination form, so it is important that the form is filled out completely with emergency contact information, emergency treatment authorization, immunization records, and the authorization to administer medication.

Life-Threatening Medical Conditions

If your child has a chronic illness or health condition that could result in a life-threatening medical situation (diabetes, anaphylaxis, heart condition, seizure disorder, etc.), our health clinic team will create an individualized emergency care plan. The emergency care plan will identify and explain the medical condition and outline what to do in an emergency situation. This plan will be distributed to all faculty and staff involved with your child, including the cafeteria and the bus office.

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