A Journey Worth Taking

Experienced expats and discerning parents understand that the best school for their child isn't always next door. Some will say that location is a prime filter when choosing a school, but at SAS convenience has never been a measure of excellence. Sometimes the destination is simply more important than the journey. Our students are thrilled to study on Singapore's only 36-acre green international school campus, and our parents know their children are getting the education of a lifetime when they arrive.

SAS contracts with an independent, local experienced school bus company, Season Bus, to provide bus transportation for SAS students. Modern, air-conditioned buses with CCTV and GPS tracking system. More than 100 buses provide transportation each day for approximately 3,000 students. While the length of the bus route for most students is between 45 minutes and 55 minutes, students living in more distant areas like the east or west coast may experience longer travel times. Fees are based on the distance from home to school.

For more detailed information about our school bus service you can download and read our SAS Bus Guide to transport services.



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Bus Office Information

Click here for the SAS bus guide.

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Call or message: +65 8803 8309
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Transition period: Season Bus Services Counter will be located in Facilities Office from May 10, 2024 to June 30, 2024