We are excited to kick off the 2020-21 school year! Click on the links below to learn more about how you can buy uniforms, register for our bus service, and more. 


Start of School

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July 24

  • Last day to register for Yeap bus service for guaranteed spot
  • Uniform Orders begin through Eagle Stop online Portal

July 29

  • Middle school and high school advisor assignments shared
  • Elementary school students learn teacher assignments

August 1 - 2

Confirmation of bus registration 



Bus Registration

Bus service at SAS is provided by an independent bus company, Yeap Transport.  

Regular Bus Service – New School Year
Each family must arrange bus service through Yeap Transport by July 24, 2020 (see steps below). Your child will not have a seat on a bus without your registration. Applying by July 24 will give your child immediate, guaranteed bus service when school begins. The bus office will try to do everything they can to work with you if you register after this date, but they are not obligated to create a space for your child by day one.

If you missed the deadline, you may still submit your request. However, it is subject to availability. The bus office will be in touch. If there is no availability, you may need to arrange private transportation until routing and seats can be arranged.

Families who register with the bus office will receive pick-up and drop-off information via SMS and email by August 1 and 2, confirming to begin service on the first day of school.

Please email sas@yeaptpt.com or call +65 6360 6770 if you have any questions.

Summer Break Opening Hours
The bus office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on regular school days and will be open on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

How to Register

  • Complete the bus registration form by July 24, 2020 for guaranteed service. Upon receipt of your application, we will provide you with confirmation of the application via email.
    • If you missed the deadline, you may still submit your request. However, it is subject to availability. The bus office will be in touch.
  • Don’t worry about stating a temporary address on the registration form - just indicate where your child should be picked up on the first day of school. You may update them with your permanent address later subject to 14 days advance notice.
  • Provide the bus office with an email you regularly check and your local mobile numbers, so they can send you any updates on the bus schedule. It also facilitates the bus coordinator/teachers to liaise with you when necessary.
  • You will be notified of your child’s pickup/dropoff location and times through Yeap Transport Parent App (login and password will be provided after registration), SMS, and email.

Uniform Sales

The SAS uniform consists of a white polo shirt with an embroidered logo and navy blue bottoms, also with an embroidered logo. There is also a separate PE uniform, which varies by division. On certain days, SAS students are allowed to wear non-SAS attire while still adhering to school dress codes.

Dress Codes

To view dress codes across all divisions, click here.

Buy Online

The Eagle Stop Online Store is currently closed for stock-taking and admin matters. It will re-open on Friday, July 24.

Note: Families are strongly encouraged to purchase uniforms online at the Eagle Stop online store before the first day of school. To purchase long pants, please go to SAS's Land's End website. Families who would like to purchase long sleeves red coolmax (PE) T-shirts should write to the Eagle Stop Team. You may refer here for more details.

Buy On Campus

On-campus uniform related services will be available to students after the school re-opens. Until further notice, parents will not be allowed and the retail services at the Eagle Stop will be limited.

Payment method for all sales will be by credit card via PayPal only.

Students seeking assistance at the Eagle Stop will need to observe social distancing and other measures established for the health and safety of the community.

Monday to Friday (School days) 
Opening hours: 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. 
Contact: (65) 6360-6075 

For the easiest and fastest service we recommend ordering your child’s uniforms online before coming to campus.

SASCard and Campus Access

The SASCard is a chip-based smart card and photo ID. It allows you to enter the school campus and makes it easy to complete many school-related tasks. On campus, it serves as a cashless payment card and library card. Off campus, it can be used as a NETS FlashPay card for purchases and when riding public transportation.

You are not required to apply for an SASCard for your child. Students will automatically receive their SASCards through their respective divisions upon arrival at SAS. All other SAS community members, including parents, will need to apply for a SASCard.

For more SASCard information, please contact the Eagle Stop team at sascard@sas.edu.sg or +65 6360 6075.

For preschool through second grade students: Students do not keep their own cards. Instead, these cards are held by their classroom teachers or instructional assistants. Students in these grades are not required to show the card when entering campus with an adult holding a SASCard, and their teachers manage the cards when students buy lunch or check out books.

Parent SASCard and Vehicle Pass

Completing an online application will allow parents to obtain SASCards and vehicle passes. 

You will need your Singapore-issued ID (see online application for details) to complete the process. More information regarding issuance of parent SASCards and vehicle registration passes will be available soon on the Eagle Stop online portal. Please don't hesitate to reach the Eagle Stop team at sascard@sas.edu.sg.

Please note that parents' and students' card fees are waived for the first card.

SASCards for Additional Family Members

Family SASCards may be issued to grandparents, non-SAS siblings (older than 12), or other relatives who frequent the campus. Similarly, SASCards for domestic helpers, nannies, drivers, and other household staff can be acquired. Please contact the Eagle Stop to apply for SASCards for your family members or helpers.

Please note that there is a fee of $20 per card. Here is some additional SASCard information for parents and students. 

Note: Where applicable, payment is due when you collect your SASCards and vehicle passes. For payment made by check, please ensure that your check is crossed and made payable to Singapore American School Ltd in SGD. SAS does not accept post-dated checks. For security reasons, the SASCard office will only release the SASCards and vehicle passes to a parent of the family.

Arrival and Dismissal Information

  • Cars will not be allowed onto campus until their designated times. All families are assigned car pick-up information and it is available on your Veracross homepage. Please print and fill out and place this pick-up information in the front dash of your car

  • If you plan to drop off or pick up your child from outside the campus via car, please check out the drop-off and pick-up spots

  • There will be no pick up or drop off outside our main gate in order to provide for safer traffic flow

  • For off-campus pick ups, students will still not be released until their group is dismissed from campus based on the dismissal schedule

  • This video, a dismissal guide, and a complete overview of the dismissal schedule will help you understand the best way to navigate arrival and dismissal each day 

Teacher Assignments

We will share advisor assignments for middle school and high school students and teacher assignments for elementary students with all families on Wednesday, July 29. After you receive your child’s advisor/teacher assignment you will receive an email from your child’s advisor/teacher with an invitation to participate in a short Zoom meeting. Please download Zoom to ensure you can participate.