Three phases. A whole new campus.

Learning and community spaces for the best possible student experience at the intersection of

excellence, extraordinary care, and possibilities.

We are almost there!

Dining spaces in the new building

Learning communities

Middle school robotics showcase

Play Spaces

High school robotics

First-ever Eagle friendly!

A glimpse into our new campus

Newest spaces in fall 2023!

Now Open!

  • High School Dining: Cafe Shiok!, The Eagle's Perch, Cafeteria, Roof Terrace, 
  • Ninth Grade Learning Communities, Math, Computer Science
  • Khoo Teck Puat High School Library
  • Middle School and High School Robotics and Coding
  • 7A Learning Community 
  • Middle School Play Spaces 
  • Stadium Field Turf, West Fields 
  • APEx Extensions (Levels One to Four), 50-meter Pool and Grandstand
  • Community Garden
  • Health Center

Coming up!

  • Middle School
  • Elementary School

Why Reimagine Our Campus?

SAS Reimagined is excellence reimagined. Extraordinary care reimagined. Possibilities reimagined.


Whether you are on a playground, in a classroom, in a design lab, or grabbing lunch in the cafeteria, you are in a learning space.



Learning environments must support learning that is active and collaborative, quiet and personal, and the variety of other learning experiences important for each individual student.

Coming Soon: New Elementary School Building

When you're on campus, swing by the high school stadium field to get a peek of the progress we've made on the new elementary school. While you're at it, grab a seat and enjoy our brand new high school stadium field grandstand! 


Five Reasons Why Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning is Essential

How do we prepare our students and provide them with an opportunity to bring themselves into the learning? How do we offer them a voice into what they learn and how they learn it, and then act on their learning? Here are five reasons why interdisciplinary teaching and learning is essential in middle school.

Come Check Out the New 50m Pool with Our Students!

Click to watch our 50 meter pool now open and in use by our students! 

Life in the Khoo Teck Puat Library

As we settle in, add some final touches, and make observations for how we can continue to enhance the space, we think it’s important to let a few students tell us what the library means to them and how it has had an impact on the way they learn and on student life in the high school at SAS.


SAS Reimagined: Questions and Concerns

Learning walks have been a great opportunity for parents to take a peek inside the classroom and learn more about the relationship between learning and classroom spaces. The learning walks help give parents an idea of what learning environments will look like in our new buildings and here are some of the questions we have heard and responded to during these walks. Read more

Learning Walks at SAS


We are excited to welcome you into our classrooms to experience learning at SAS firsthand. Beginning next week, we will relaunch our popular “SAS Learning Walks” school tours. These 60-minute tours are an opportunity to hear from senior school leaders about our aspirations for student learning at SAS and see firsthand how we are seeking to upgrade our learning spaces for students to achieve those learning goals. Read more

Ninth Grade Humanities

We aspire for students to have fully enclosed individual classroom spaces that are quiet and separated and also collaborative spaces that are flexible enough to meet the specific demands of the lesson. Here’s a peek at what learning looks like in our newest ninth grade humanities space. 


APEx Now Open for Students

APEx is now open for students! Continue to watch this space for more information regarding access for community members. 

Student access: Monday through Friday | 3:15 p.m.—4:15 p.m.
Adult access: Coming soon!

Learning Walks at SAS


We are excited to welcome you into our classrooms to experience learning at SAS firsthand. Beginning next week, we will relaunch our popular “SAS Learning Walks” school tours. These 60-minute tours are an opportunity to hear from senior school leaders about our aspirations for student learning at SAS and see firsthand how we are seeking to upgrade our learning spaces for students to achieve those learning goals. Read more

The Role of Our Teacher Teams 

For over 10 years now, teacher teams, known as professional learning communities (PLCs), have been an integral part of the instructional culture at SAS. PLCs provide a space for professional connection, counsel, and collaboration that helps each educator bring excellence, possibilities, and extraordinary care into their classrooms. How does this working in our learning communities? Click here to know more!

If I Built a School...

Third grade Chinese immersion students students from Mrs. Donaghey's class tell us how they would build a school and share what advice they'd offer our architects as we focus on the new elementary school building.


The Newest Spaces on Campus

As we start a new school year, what are some of the things that excite our students when it comes to the newest spaces around campus? 

Elementary School Art 

Elementary school educators Kirsten Harvey and Erin Caskey share their vision for art in elementary school—an art suite that will become a hub for design and innovation.

Middle School Learning Spaces

Middle school students and educators share their excitement about classroom design, building relationships, and creating amazing learning experiences for every student.


Grandstand and The Eagle's Perch

HIgh school athletics director Justin Teves talks to Eddie, the Eagle about some awesome upcoming spaces!


New Community Garden 

Today, we celebrated our partnership with neighborhood Fuchun Community Club, marking the opening of a new community garden that will sow future harvests for community residents interested in gardening. The partnership ceremony was timed with this year’s Earth Day celebration. Read more.

Coming Up Next...

Coming up next: Grandstand and The Eagle's Perch! Hear from Justin Teves what he thinks about our upcoming spaces.


Elementary School Classrooms

Elementary school teacher Brandi Long tell us what she's excited about when it comes to learning opportunities in the new elementary school classrooms!


Enhancing Student Learning

Jason Adkison, High School Technology, Electives, and Capstone Head talks about how the revamped Khoo Teck Puat library has helped reimagine possibilities for our high school programs.

50m Swimming Pool

What does it take to build a 50m swimming pool? #EaglePower, of course! 2000m3 of concrete—~250 trucks worth—was poured over one continuous 27 hour period


Vision for Music Spaces

Elementary school music teacher Simon Gustafson shares his vision for music spaces in the new elementary school building.


Khoo Teck Puat High School Library

The Khoo Teck Puat High School Library has now reopened, and the top floor brings a different, livelier vibe as a hub for collaboration and innovation for our community, while the bottom floor offers quiet nooks and reading areas to work on projects, deep dive into our archives, or make use of the variety of resources the library has to offer.

Swimming Pool Now Open

The high school swimming pool was opened this week, allowing us to resume our full program across two swimming pools as we have in the past (including varsity swimming, Eagle club swim program, and swim school).


Reimagining APEx

Director of Student Life and Co-Curricular Program Kim Criens and two of our seniors share what it takes to ensure that the new facility is an inclusive, welcoming space for everyone in the SAS community.


Cafe Shiok! is Now Open

SAS launched Cafe Shiok!: a full-service, walk-in cafe with a takeaway and dine-in lounge seating up to 30 students. A Singaporean word expressing admiration or approval, shiok can mean that something is cool or great, but it can also be used to describe food as delicious. Do you know how to pronounce the word? Watch and learn!


Middle School Adventure Course

Check out the new adventure course in middle school! Thanks to generous donations from our families, the SAS Foundation supported the creation of three new spaces (friendship garden, sports court, and the adventure course) for our Eagles!


Elementary School Groundbreaking

“3-2-1, Eagles!” And with that, on September 6, 2021, a half dozen of our elementary schoolers, clad in hard hats and safety vests, lifted their nearly shoulder-height shovels to hurl clumps of dirt into the air. The flying of dirt celebrated the groundbreaking of our new elementary school. Read more



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REIMAGINING elementary school

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Phasing, safety, and disruption

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Financial Considerations

It is our duty to use our resources as prudently and responsibly as possible. Our aim is to ensure this campus has the fiscal foundation to serve students for generations to come while simultaneously honoring the current needs of our students, faculty, and parents.


SAS is proud to be a leader among international schools in environmental sustainability practices and we strive to involve students in being good stewards of the environment.

Community Engagement

During the planning phase of SAS Reimagined, design advisory groups consisting of faculty, parents, and students engaged in many hours of meetings and discussion to help work out creative ideas for various elements of the new campus. We are committed to continued community engagement as we move forward with the project. 


As we take on SAS Reimagined, here are some frequently asked questions by our community members—from finances to mitigating disruption and more.

Our Neighborhood

SAS Reimagined will have an impact on our local communities in multiple ways. SAS is grateful for their support and cooperation. Our West Fields will be used by members of the SAS community and will be opened up to local residents to use as available.


The SAS Reimagined team strives for quality, efficiency, and safety at all stages of a complex and challenging project that is taking place within a large and fully functioning campus and will impact a variety of teaching and learning spaces.



The new campus will bring to our students, faculty, and community members a variety of benefits across divisions

Elementary School

In phase one, our elementary school will create spaces that will be flexible, responsive to student needs, and adaptable to innovations in education for decades to come.

Middle School

With more learning space and stronger links to nature, the middle school will offer students more opportunities to create, connect, and explore. 

High School

With a forward-looking vision for our high school, the renovated spaces will enhance the student experience in a variety of ways.

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