Through a multi-year journey of discovery and exploration that involved teachers, students, school leaders, and parents, six key design themes emerged. These align with our values, philosophy, and mission, and will serve to guide how we reimagine SAS.

What are our faculty excited for?

More learning space

for every school division

More and better dining experiences

and community space for every school division

More play space

almost three times as much in elementary school

Significant upgrades to visual and performing arts facilities

Dedicated spaces

to support creativity, science, technology, and robotics

Better access to daylight

and more connections to nature

Two additional full-size gyms,

more covered play space, and a covered pool 


A more energy-efficient and sustainable campus with more emphasis on student and staff wellness

More efficient traffic flow

and safer pedestrian access

Envisioning SAS Reimagined


SAS Reimagined is a forward-looking vision for our campus that not only meets the needs of our current students but has the flexibility to meet the needs of future students as education changes over time. What kids need now may be different in 10 or 20 years and a flexible campus allows our faculty to adapt over time.


With more flexibly designed buildings, we can capture more space for learning, play/activity space, and new programs. SAS Reimagined offers the opportunity to increase learning space by as much as 30 percent and play space by as much as 84 percent.


SAS is built upon an expansive 36-acre campus. We are excited to creatively and effectively optimize our land use with an emphasis on creating community opportunities to make our big school feel small.


Modular spaces will allow teachers to adjust classrooms on the fly. Sliding glass doors, moveable walls, and lots of flexible seating options will empower teachers to create spaces customized to the learning students engage in each day.


SAS Reimagined will be sensitive to the natural landscape. It will encourage conservation of resources and ensure energy efficiency in building design. Goals include meeting Net Zero energy for all new construction and meeting Singapore’s Green Mark Platinum standard. The overall sustainability goal is to balance present needs with future imperatives.


New learning environments will include modern and innovative systems to support learning well into the future. Digital room reservation software allows users to set their lighting, technology, and temperature preferences, while a sustainability dashboard will provide real-time data about energy and resource use. Besides promoting efficiency, this will act as a learning resource for students.

Theater Studio

major upgrade to expand capacity

Drama Theater

major upgrade to expand capacity

Expansion of support and tech spaces

to support Theater Studio and Drama Theater

Expansion of Dance studios

Music, band, and drama studios upgrades

New performing arts lobby

with grand stairs to create a new face to the theater and additional performance space

New service elevator

to support instrument movement and accessibility

Music practice rooms upgrades

Reconfigured office

with green room



The new campus will bring to our students, faculty, and community members a variety of benefits across divisions

Elementary School

In phase one, our elementary school will create spaces that will be flexible, responsive to student needs, and adaptable to innovations in education for decades to come.

Middle School

With more learning space and stronger links to nature, the middle school will offer students more opportunities to create, connect, and explore. 

High School

With a forward-looking vision for our high school, the renovated spaces will enhance the student experience in a variety of ways.