The campus upgrade project will be completed in a series of three major phases over the next six years. The phasing will allow us to minimize disruption and ensure that we do not have to move any students off campus during construction. We are looking thoughtfully at ways we might be able to move the timeline forward to bring benefits to our community sooner. Scroll down to see the various phases and the work that will be conducted during each of them.
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safety and Mitigating disruption

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The new campus will bring to our students, faculty, and community members a variety of benefits across divisions

Elementary School

In phase one, our elementary school will create spaces that will be flexible, responsive to student needs, and adaptable to innovations in education for decades to come.

Middle School

With more learning space and stronger links to nature, the middle school will offer students more opportunities to create, connect, and explore. 

High School

With a forward-looking vision for our high school, the renovated spaces will enhance the student experience in a variety of ways.