High School: Building Connections

The first phase of the campus upgrade includes the creation of warm and inviting dining and community spaces in the high school, renovations to the high school library, expansion of health and fitness facilities in the APEx, and the building of a 50-meter pool. 

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Located at the center of the school’s athletic and sports spaces, and overlooking the 50-meter and 25-meter swimming pools, The Perch, our new high school dining facility, will be purpose-built to welcome one and all! Envisioned as a comfortable community space, The Perch will offer a variety of dining and food options. With a 300-seat capacity, The Perch will be a hub of activity for our high school community.


A new 50-meter, Olympic-sized pool will become the focal point of our growing aquatics program! An expanded APEx gym will provide additional opportunities for fitness and wellness for our students. A new movement studio will act as a flexible space for dining and will support expanded fitness and movement programs for community wellness.

STEM, Robotics, and Creativity

At the heart of the high school, our new atrium will support our students’ involvement in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math). The atrium will link our Catalyst, robotics, and engineering spaces with the Center of Innovation, providing a community space for creative minds. Significant upgrades to our art and digital media spaces, along with new spaces with indoor-outdoor links, aim to offer spatial and experiential opportunities aligning with the curriculum.

Community Spaces

The design principles for our high school spaces focus on personalization, instructional needs, physical and mental well-being, scalability, and an overall sense of community. Some of the newer spaces around our Center of Innovation will include a coffee house, as well as shophouse-themed options built to offer our students a greater sense of connectedness.

33 percent more

learning space

Upgrades to all classrooms,

science labs, and Center of Innovation

More and better dining experiences

and community space at the heart of the high school, as well as a variety of dining space types and menus.

Atrium linking

Catalyst, Robotics, Engineering, Making, and the Center of Innovation

Significant upgrades

to performing arts, visual art, and digital media, including new spaces with access to outdoors and a full time gallery


Student Life and Counseling Center


to APEx

High school location

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The Shophouses

Seating by the 50-meter Pool

The Perch (dining facility)

The Perch (dining facility) Overlooking the Swimming Pool

50-meter Pool

Staircase at Center of Innovation Level 1

Center of Innovation Level 2

50-meter Swimming Pool

The Perch (dining facility)




The new campus will bring to our students, faculty, and community members a variety of benefits across divisions

Elementary School

In phase one, our elementary school will create spaces that will be flexible, responsive to student needs, and adaptable to innovations in education for decades to come.

Middle School

With more learning space and stronger links to nature, the middle school will offer students more opportunities to create, connect, and explore. 

High School

With a forward-looking vision for our high school, the renovated spaces will enhance the student experience in a variety of ways.