Beginnings of the campus upgrade project

This section houses the past campus upgrade microsite that was published pre-COVID-19. Since then, there have been changes to the planning, design, and scheduling of the campus upgrade–now called SAS Reimagined. Please click here for the latest updates.

How it began…

In the spring of 2020, our school board approved our biggest campus upgrade ever—a S$366 million investment in our future, equipped to accomplish several things:


Create significantly better learning environments


Enable us to expand our program offerings


Empower our faculty


Create responsive learning environments

At Singapore American School, we know that the learning journey of each SAS Eagle is unique. Learners grow in different ways and require different types of support along the way. Every day, in every classroom, our teachers create engaging learning experiences for our students to meet them where they are. Our teachers are at the heart of our work. The campus upgrade project was initiated to help put in place the supports that empower our faculty to deliver high-quality experiences, tailored to the individual needs of each student.

Campus Upgrade

As we look ahead to the future of our campus it is important to understand why we are exploring various upgrade proposals and how these might impact the learning our students and faculty are engaged in each day. Listed below are several themes that illustrate the impact of a potential upgrade.

Creating a Better Learning Environment

Better natural light, indoor air quality, and connection to nature. More outdoor play space. Warmer and more inviting community spaces. And a more inspiring setting fit for the world class work our students and teachers do.

Expanding Our Offerings

With modern, flexible, and efficient facilities we can offer programs we don’t offer now, and expand some of our current offerings— twice the play space for elementary school, purpose-built robotics and tech spaces, and improved athletic facilities are just a few of the possibilities available.

Empowering Our Faculty

SAS continues to attract and retain some of the finest educators in the world who are committed to providing each student a life changing learning experience. Our aim is to enhance their professional growth and spark innovation by creating more opportunities for faculty to collaborate, co-teach, and learn from each other.

Sound Investment Decisions

It is our duty to use our resources as prudently and responsibly as possible. Our aim is to ensure this campus has the fiscal foundation to serve students for generations to come while simultaneously honoring the current needs of our students, faculty, and parents.

Flexible and Innovative

We need a forward-looking vision for our campus with spaces that are flexible, responsive, and can adapt to innovations in education for decades to come.

Community Engagement

Community engagement

Check out upcoming engagement opportunities and review previous engagement work completed

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Who is involved in the decision-making process, what has been decided, and what is left to come?

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Learning Spaces

Aligning Space With Learning

We have implemented several flexible learning environments already—learn more about how they support learning for every type of student.

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Planning for the Future

Design Principles

What do our faculty believe is important in a learning space?

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State of the School

how much does it cost to maintain our campus, and what does "business as usual" look like over the next 15 years?

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Building a strong future for our students takes a whole community and we hope you will join us on this journey.

We will continue to host engagement opportunities through multiple platforms. We want your input so that we can determine the best way forward together.

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