New Updates

*Last updated on Monday, January 11, 2020

Visible physical works are largely in preparation for the start of construction and include:

  • Making space for the new pedestrian bridge that will connect the main campus and the West Fields
  • Diversion of the road to make space for the bridge
  • The construction work on our new West Fields athletic spaces is underway, while ensuring our new campus meets the highest standards of sustainability and environmental protection
  • The West Fields are to be built on vacant land west of the school and will include one baseball field, one full-size soccer/football field, and four tennis/multi-purpose courts. The new playing spaces will aim to blend in with their natural environment as much as possible. More details can be found here

SAS Reimagined

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Past Community Letters

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March 10, 2020: Singapore American School school board unanimously approved the campus upgrade project proposal

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