Frequently Asked Questions

Why does SAS need additional sources of funding?

It is increasingly challenging for schools to attract and retain the best teachers, to provide excellent academic and extracurricular programs, and to equip and maintain state-of-the-art facilities. The school board and the administration are aware of the impact of rising costs on our families and their companies who support the school through tuition and fees. As an independent, non-profit school, school fees and fundraising are SAS's only sources of funding. Gifts help to offset the increases in school fees needed to provide the excellence in programming that is the hallmark of an SAS education.

Is there a tax benefit for my donation?

Gifts to the Singapore American School Foundation, which is a United States IRS-recognized not-for-profit/ 501(3)(c) organization, are eligible for tax benefit in the U.S. Gifts to the SAS Foundation Ltd. are no longer eligible for tax benefit due to a change in Singapore law.

Does SAS accept matching gifts from companies?

Yes. If you supply us with the necessary form from your company, we will be happy to handle all the details of processing.

Can I designate my gift?

Unrestricted gifts provide SAS with the greatest degree of flexibility to respond to needs that arise throughout the year. However, donors may direct their contribution to a specific program or to the endowment.

What are the SAS Foundations?

The SAS Foundation Limited (registered in Singapore) and the Singapore American School Foundation (registered in the United States) were established to support and enhance the exemplary educational programs at SAS by providing additional sources of funding, through donations and grants. Donors may qualify for tax benefits in accordance with the laws of the respective countries. 

What is the Endowment Fund?

The Endowment Fund was established to assist in securing the financial future of the Singapore American School.

The school's Endowment Fund is a long-term investment account. A large well-invested endowment will mean that the school is assured of another source of income beyond tuition and donations made through annual giving. The principal amount in the fund is intended to remain untouched and increase through donations made each year. Once the fund has reached a target goal, the interest from the fund may be used to support school programs in the current school year.

The fund was established to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of SAS, and ultimately to reduce the school's dependence on tuition and fees to fund program enhancements. In future years, these funds will provide a regular income as well as the long-term stability offered by capital savings.

How does the Eagle Gala play a role in fundraising at SAS?

The first gala dinner, held in 2006 and originally called Star Appeal, helped launch the annual giving program at SAS. This event was recently renamed the Eagle Gala and through 2015, continued to provide a substantial portion of the funds raised each year as all gifts to the Eagle Gala were counted towards the annual fundraising totals.

Beginning in 2016, the Eagle Gala will be an opportunity to recognize and thank donors to SAS, instead of serving as a traditional fundraiser.

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