Ten Reasons to Join SAS

SAS welcomes applications from qualified, diverse students throughout the calendar year. Our staff can help you decide the optimal time to apply.

We build an applicant pool with a purpose at SAS in order to include a good flow of opportunities for a wide range of applicants. We attract applicants who love what SAS does for children and who are inspired by our vision. If that's you, we'd love to talk. We work with every inquiry and applicant to help them gauge when admission might be possible.

How it Works

Your child will immediately enter our applicant pool when you submit your application form and non-refundable application fee. This will give you a secure position in a given priority lane while you complete the other requirements of the process. The application has a two-year life span. Parents find this helpful for planning, strategy, and options that are unique to SAS admission. Only good standing applications will be reviewed once we receive all the required documentation. Admission is privilege and we carefully review for best fit.

Acceptance to SAS means a lot. In some cases, it can be very challenging for us to find a coveted place for a child at SAS. For others, SAS is simply not optimal. Thank you for your patience while we take time to carefully consider each application. SAS is invested in seeing how we might serve your child with integrity in the best possible learning environment.


We start the school year with a full house in August. Based on the number of withdrawals during the year and at the semester break, SAS accepts up to 150 additional students in select grades.


Depending on how far in advance you are applying and what priority lane your child is assigned, the admissions process and timeline will vary. August entry is the best opportunity to start at SAS. We enroll 750 to 850 students annually and add the greatest number of spaces for new students in pre-kindergarten to grade one at this time.

Priority Lanes

Guaranteed Placement program

Companies or individuals who wish to offer one or more qualified applicants a next-available placement at SAS have the option of using the Guaranteed Placement Program. This program moves students who have already met the standard SAS admissions requirements to the front of the admissions queue in the applicant's grade when sponsored by a company or individual through the Guaranteed Placement Program. A limited number of these seats are available each year.

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