Quiet wonderings and exciting discoveries

For our early learning students, every moment is filled with new ideas, quiet wonderings, and exciting discoveries. When our preschool and pre-kindergarten students explore our campus eco-garden, watch kites soar in the wide sky, or build imaginary worlds, they discover that what they say, think, and do matters.

Our program looks like a lot of fun to the adult eye because we believe that children learn best when they’re truly engaged. Through a Reggio Emilia-inspired approach and a focus on inquiry and self-guided learning, students ask questions, investigate, and learn about things that genuinely matter to them.

Three-year old preschool students and four-year old pre-kindergarten students attend our early learning program daily from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. There is exibility in our daily schedule, offering our children time to be curious, to play, to wonder, to learn.

Students come together to eat snacks in the morning and enjoy packed lunch from home or a catered lunch with friends. Throughout the day, our young learners work independently and in small groups, visit hands-on exploration stations, stretch their muscles during two daily outdoor play times, take eld trips throughout the wider campus, and enjoy Kindermusik lessons. Our concept-based curriculum allows kids to connect, explore, and relate through their own interests, and by listening to those interests, we can better provoke their thinking.

The curriculum includes daily Chinese language classes, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, music, and daily perceptual motor skills development

in the “Move and Groove Room.” And once each week, Chinese classes are integrated with perceptual motor classes so that children learn Chinese language as they participate in the active movement. We have a library nestled into our early learning community specially curated to mirror our units of inquiry, and our counselors get to know each student when they teach their friendship lessons throughout the year.

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