More than a Teacher

Experts in their own fields, our teachers are part of what is uniquely SAS — our teachers aspire to be forever memorable as life-defining mentors in our students’ academic, extracurricular, and social development. Our teachers are truly our greatest strength.

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A Proud History

In 1956, Singapore American School opened with 105 students learning in a tropical bungalow. After 60 years, an outstanding group of dedicated teachers and staff who come from 22 different countries has replaced the original faculty of ten American mothers, who were largely volunteers. What has remained constant throughout the years is the school’s abiding passion for academic excellence in an international environment, its commitment to volunteerism, and its integral role in the broader American and Singapore communities.

Why SAS?

Singapore American School believes that tomorrow’s leaders need an excellent foundation, cultivated in an environment that is both caring and challenging, where they can thrive and develop. SAS teachers promote deep and lasting learning by actively engaging students and challenging them to reach their full potential. SAS is comprised of three divisions: elementary school (preschool through grade five), middle school (grades six through eight), and high school (grades nine through twelve), each headed by a principal and at least two deputy principals. The three divisions of SAS operate as distinct learning communities with all the benefits and facilities of a large school.

Academic Program

The Singapore American School curriculum engages students through the context of American ideals of exploration, risk-taking, innovation, creativity, and excellence. Students are engaged to understand and own their learning process, pace, and progress though an increasing focus on inquiry, project-based learning, and an emphasis on social-emotional learning. Our students emerge as exceptional thinkers prepared for any future they choose.

We welcome students with different learning styles, interests, and personal strengths. We do this to serve our community and because we believe this level of diversity prepares our students for the world they will encounter as adults.

SAS maintains small classes to benefit student learning; the maximum number in the early learning center (preschool and pre-kindergarten) is 16 students, and in kindergarten through grade 12, it is 22 students.

Professional Development

Just as much as Singapore American School is known for its excellence, the school has a proud history of continuous improvement. We are deeply committed to every teacher participating in DuFour-modeled professional learning communities and continue to see growth in student learning across subjects and grades since adopting PLCs. SAS encourages and supports professional development that enhances lifelong learning for all faculty and staff. Professional development for faculty members is extensive and takes place in Singapore, the United States, and around the world through:

  • Self-directed Learning
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
  • Professional Learning Networks
  • Staff and External Coaches
  • Conferences, workshop, courses, institutes
  • Site visits at other school
  • On-site master's degree program through Buffalo State College
  • On-site doctoral degree program through University of Southern California

  • Living in Singapore

    The school is located in one of the world’s most vibrant, dynamic, and multi-cultural countries. Singapore, a city-state, is known as a world leader in educational quality, innovation, and investment, and is rich in contrast and color with a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts, and architecture.

    Historically a bridge between East and West, Singapore continues to embrace tradition and modernity today. The country is a showcase of racial and religious harmony, with Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Jewish people living and working side by side while respecting their many differences. Although English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil are the four official languages of Singapore, English is the language of business and education and it bridges people of different ethnic groups.

    Singapore is one of the world’s most prosperous countries with a high standard of living and excellent quality of life for expatriates, due to its world-class infrastructure, year-round tropical climate, low health risks, low air pollution, low crime rates, and world-class health and transportation infrastructure. A thriving and diverse arts and cultural scene complements a network of museums and galleries, international art fairs, and performances by internationally renowned actors and musicians, all of which make living in Singapore a rich and rewarding experience.

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