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Donors to SAS make gifts to one of two foundations: the SAS Foundation Ltd. (a charitable organization registered in the Republic of Singapore) or the Singapore American School Foundation (a U.S. recognized not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization). Both Foundations are independent, autonomous organizations with independent boards of directors; and each follows the laws, regulations, and guidelines as outlined by the appropriate oversight agencies respectively in the Republic of Singapore or the United States of America.

Our Mission

In the office of advancement at Singapore American School, our mission is to grow the culture of philanthropy for the benefit of the current and future SAS community. We work to secure financial support from potential donors committed to the mission of the school by building and growing relationships with alumni, parents, and other community members.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the SAS Foundations is to support the educational needs of SAS. As SAS and the Foundations are each not-for-profit organizations, all financial resources are dedicated in full to ensuring the highest quality education and learning experiences. Our aim is to equip our students with the ability to assume responsibility as leaders, decision makers and compassionate, caring global citizens. The Foundations provide for those educational areas that expand the range of rich, meaningful learning experiences, with particular attention to those programs that connect classroom theory to real-life academic, economic, social, and cultural understanding.

Our History

Singapore American School was built on philanthropy, beginning with a $100,000 fundraising effort that enabled the school to open in a seven-bedroom rented home that housed 98 students on Rochalie Drive in 1956.

Today, SAS serves more than 3,900 students in an expansive facility on 36 acres in the Woodlands district of Singapore.


At SAS, we are continuing to evolve into a school that will ensure that each of our students is challenged and nurtured, so that they can contribute as members of the most talented generation our world has ever seen.

As we strive to achieve our vision — a world leader in education, cultivating exceptional thinkers, prepared for the future — we know that we will need to continue to adapt and change. We know that we need the help and the support of our community, and we know our donors have a powerful impact on our success.

We continually reflect on the generosity of those who came before us and are proud to continue this tradition to advance SAS for generations to come.

As our school has grown, so have our needs. The goal of the SAS Foundation is to expand and enhance the opportunities available for our students, and to secure the financial future of Singapore American School.

Foundation Board Members



US Foundation

Raymond Zage, ChairRegina SalatheRudy Muller, ChairChip Kimball
Georgina BachAstrid SalimNick Haslett, Vice ChairBrent Mutsch
Wing Kwong ChanJacqueline SeowHaywood BlakemoreDeirdre Simon
Clarice Chia WoodworthChristopher TanShelley DeFordSean Wallace
Anita Fam Erica Dewan 
Ang Peng Huat Marty Goossen 
Chrissy Luo Crystal Hayling 
Brian O'Connor Anish Jain 
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