The APEx Fitness and Wellness Center is a facility promoting the importance of physical fitness. The building itself is composed of three floors offering students a variety of fitness options.


APEx is a student driven operation at SAS. Our mission at APEx is to build a world class fitness facility to educate students on the benefits of fitness. Our team at APEx hopes to revolutionize the student learning experience at SAS, through the introduction of interdepartmental collaboration and the educational hub to integrate academic material with fitness related studies, in order to demonstrate the success of student-run programs.


Founded in 2015, the APEx Fitness and Wellness Center hopes to promote fitness for the body and mind with the installation of new top-of-the-line facilities. Before the expansion of the center in the 2015-16 school year, Singapore American School’s gym was extremely limited in size. Restricted by funding and space, the gym was only exposed to a small amount of the SAS population. In recent years, these issues have been confronted by the APEx student committee with the goal of promoting a better fitness environment for the students of the future. Accompanying the SAS core values of respect, responsibility, fairness, compassion, and honesty, the APEx Fitness and Wellness Center stands as a pillar of student driven learning for the body and mind.

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