Not only are our teachers highly educated, with the majority of them holding masters and doctorate degrees, but they are inspiring as well. Students love knowing their PE teacher coached in the Athens Olympics, their choir teacher starred in the La Boheme opera at Singapore’s Esplanade, and their tech design teacher built his own electric car. Our qualified teachers also stay for an average of seven years, one of the highest retention rates in international schools.


We don’t just claim your kids will get a top-notch education, we prove it. Results from the Measures of Academic Progress for third through eighth graders, the Programme for International Student Achievement administered for 15-year olds, and the Advanced Placement exams for high school show that our students excel, scoring higher than the average score of most other schools in the world.


Research is clear. The student-teacher relationship has the greatest impact on student learning, even beyond curriculum. From the very first day a family arrives at SAS, they become a member of the SAS Eagle family. New students are welcomed into an orientation program with a buddy to guide them, parents find an open door to our teachers, administrators, and parent associations, and throughout their time at SAS, we focus on the care and welfare of each and every whole child.



Top-notch academics combined with an experienced team of high school counselors help students navigate the process of selecting and applying to best-fit universities. SAS students routinely earn entrance to the top universities in the United States and beyond. Some schools that members of the Class of 2014 now attend include Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, U Penn, Princeton, and Yale.


For almost six decades, SAS has transformed the real-life stories of more than 20,000 students and alumni worldwide. And we’ve satisfied the real needs and aspirations of expat families since before Singapore was born. We deliver credible experience, mature connections, undeniable learning results, and studentcentered priorities that stand the test of time.



SAS is not backed by a company or accountable to shareholders. We are a true community school. One of a few esteemed nonprofit schools in Singapore, our board is run entirely by parent volunteers, offering parent-leadership opportunities to shape the school. And every penny that we bring in allows us to hire the very best teachers and run the incredible educational program that we have been providing since 1956.



We won the jackpot when Singapore offered us our beautiful 36-acre campus. It stands out as a rare and generous learning space on the island. A rain forest, three stunning libraries with enviable resources, three swimming pools, five gymnasiums, and other state-of-the-art facilities allow students to learn beyond the traditional classroom in a lush, green home-away-from-home.


The world is changing, and SAS is responding. We are researching innovative ways to prepare students for the future and implementing revolutionary flexibility to make that possible. We’ve already seen results through new courses and pathways for kids. The new senior project inspired one student to invent a device to lower infant mortality. Other students developed a product that will help women in developing countries stay in school.



At SAS, we offer high levels of challenge and support to fit a wide variety of learning styles, reflecting the world students will eventually work in and lead. We expertly build the learning foundation that kids needno matter the interests they will ultimately pursue. Our highly qualified teachers impart passion, measure growth, and get to know students’ strengths and gaps and then teach accordingly. We believe that every one of our students can succeed academically and personally.



The heart of an American education has everything to do with options, choices, and possibilities. Generosity versus scarcity. Open skies versus high ceilings. We teach our students how to be pioneers with their education–to try new things, explore their interests, work hard, and push themselves beyond what they think is possible. When our students–known as the Eagles–fail, we inspire them to have the courage to try again and never give up until they soar.

A Culture of Excellence - A Culture of Extraordinary Care - A Culture of Possibilities
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