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From food to waste to dirt to food

The Community Perspective

SAS produces roughly 1,000 kilograms of waste every single day! And about one third to half appears to be food waste.

How can we avoid all this wastage and what happens to wasted food and other material?

The biggest thing we can do to avoid food waste is to serve ourselves only the food we will eat, and eat all of it. After that, place all extra food in the red bins—without any plastic contamination.

As for the food waste, SAS uses a food digester to break it down and has been doing so for several years now. An important part of the SAS sustainability story, our trusty digester has saved many a …

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A Rakugo afternoon...

Storytelling CLub

The SAS community enjoyed two days of amazing performances by Dr. Kimie Oshima, a Rakugo storyteller!


Rakugo is a 300-year old Japanese form of comic storytelling, which has stood the test of time thanks to its use of universal themes like greed and stupidity.

On February 17 and 20 this year, Dr. Kimie Oshima regaled the SAS community – students, parents, faculty and staff with classical tales from Japan! The SAS Storytelling Club members and a class of high schoolers who are learning Japanese, were also treated to a special learning and sharing talk about Rakugo.

The event was organized by …

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Behind-the-scenes of SAS’s space experiment

With their experiment scheduled for launch on SpaceX-11 on Falcon 9 on April 9, The Space Lab at SAS is looking forward to blast-off. Our students are the first in Singapore to send something to space! Let’s just take a moment to digest that.

Team SAS

Achieving this was not easy. The team’s mentors, Priyadarshini Majumdar, a National University of Singapore graduate, along with Dr. Bidushi Bhattacharya, CEO and founder of Bhattacharya Space Enterprises, devoted precious time to the team, guiding them at every step of the way.

Priya was instrumental in encouraging the team to really focus on the various…

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Teacher Feature: From prairie life to speech pathology

Born and bred on the Canadian prairies, elementary school speech pathologist, Robyn Rogers would like to the say that the long, frigid Canadian winters helped her to develop a thick skin! But in truth, the people from back home are the softest people she knows. “As far and as long as I roam, I will always miss the unabashed friendliness and openness of the prairie culture”, she says.

Life on the prairies

Having spent most of her school career in a place called Brandon, Manitoba, she completed her undergraduate degree before moving to Edmonton, Alberta to complete a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology.

Where were …

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Living the GIN life!

GIN Club

If you could alleviate any global issue, which one would you choose to solve? From ensuring sustainable development and advocating against the exploitation of migrant workers, to preventing biodiversity loss, the Global Issues Network’s (GIN) mission is to empower young people to create sustainable solutions for global issues. Each year, thousands of students worldwide engage in GIN-related activities.

SAS high schoolers Tanvi Dutta Gupta, Annie Kim, Chloe Shin-Gay and Sunita Srivatsan, give us a glimpse into GIN Club life!

Inspired by Jean Francois Rischard’s book High Noon: Twenty Global …

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Storytelling Club: Preparing Stories Together

The Parent Perspective

We’ve had a great start to the year! Over scrumptious home-baked bread, we penned down some exciting plans for storytelling at SAS during the Storytelling Club’s first meeting for the year held on January 11, 2017!Storytelling Club: Preparing Stories TogetherThe club continues to participate by reading books and sharing stories in the oral form at the ongoing Festival of Reading at SAS elementary school library. The club meeting offered a great opportunity to rehearse our stories and help each other through feedback.

We’ve been performing at the elementary school library for students from kindergarten all the way through grade five! The …

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We're ready to shuttle to space

If you’ve been reading about our experiment to be sent out to the International Space Station (ISS) and the recent updates, you know we’ve been working hard at it. We’ve got about 12 weeks before our experiment takes flight and we can’t wait. Here’s the lowdown on the last few weeks!

The start of the winter break saw the SAS Space Team meet every day for at least seven hours, working towards finishing a functioning prototype of our experiment. If this prototype worked flawlessly, we could have used it as our final model and sent it to ISS three weeks earlier than scheduled.

The SAS Space Team …

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Sustainability at SAS: An Interview with Sustainability Planner Prescott Gaylord

1. Before SAS, where were you and what were you doing?

I was at a design firm called Gensler, which is a very large architecture and design firm, and I was managing design projects. Mostly of interior buildings, but also some ground up architecture. Theoretically, I was also doing sustainability consulting there. Some of it is really boring in architecture right now - it’s filling out checklists for people’s required sustainability. But there are also some fun sustainability projects that I was doing. There was about 5,000 people in that firm, the bulk of them were architects and designers, and…

Posted by K. Aldous in Student on Tuesday January 10
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The Dance Studio: A Communication Classroom

Five, six, seven, eight....

As you step into the performing arts wing at Singapore American School these four words kick off the ultimate iteration process. When we think of iteration and failure it's easy to relate the concept to science and the art of experimentation. But picture musicians and dancers learning new passages, movements, and choreography. Dance education is especially unique because it involves taking disparate movements and joining them together into a coherent beautiful composition. Like scientists, dancers ask, "what if," and then begin creating.

Similar to academic classes, …

Posted by K. Aldous in Communications on Thursday December 22, 2016
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The Magical Journey Through Inquiry

As an educator I want to prepare my students for ever-changing work by giving them the opportunity to “think outside the box”, take risks, fail, and question and problem solve through an inquiry approach to learning. In September, I had the opportunity to learn and be guided by Dr. Kath Murdoch, who is known as the “guru” of inquiry to many educators around the world. “I-Time” as she calls it, is a project based approach to learning, where the student’s follow their own passions. Through her inquiry process the students gain a better understanding of the concept they are most passionate about…

Posted by K. Aldous in Teacher on Monday December 12, 2016
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Hour of Code

Kindergarten and grade one students all participated in an Hour of Code event all week long to participate in the global celebration of Hour of Code.

What is the Hour of Code? Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code", to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. It has since become a worldwide week-long event.

What is Coding? One way coding can be defined, is as a set of instructions that computers can understand. It is also known as computer programming. Coding teaches logic …

Posted by K. Aldous in Teacher, Tech on Sunday December 11, 2016
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Storytelling Club: The Power of Objects

Did you ever think that a story could be based on an object?

What memories do objects trigger in our minds and how do we turn them into stories?

This month's storytelling club meeting was inspired by high school theater teacher, Mr. Thomas Schulz, who spoke about the power of objects in creating stories.

As a theater maker, I have long been fascinated by the power of objects (props) in the telling of stories.” Tom Schulz

Mr. Schulz joined SAS in 2011, as the high school theater teacher. He designs the curriculum and teaches all high school theater classes. He is also the director for all of the …

Posted by K. Aldous in Parent on Saturday December 10, 2016
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Advanced Topics Writing Seminar and Columbia University Teachers College Partnership

Aspiring authors dream of seeing their names in print.

One new course in the high school is developing a partnership to help some of our students achieve that dream--but these young writers must work for that achievement together.

New this year, the advanced topics program seeks to provide relevant, real-world problem-solving experiences for students. Writing Seminar, the English department’s first AT course, offers a way for students who already have an interest in creative writing to delve deeper into the world of letters, through building a community of writers and spending the spring …

Posted by K. Aldous in Teacher on Tuesday December 6, 2016
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NYAKA AIDs Orphans Club

Of all of the people in the world with AIDS, one third reside in Africa. The AIDS epidemic in Africa has created several problems, and the number of AIDS deaths is increasing. One of the worst consequences of AIDS is the number of orphans it creates. At very young ages, these children are subject to exploitation and poverty, lacking parents to help supply their basic needs. Tauba Ainebyona is a year five student at NYAKA primary school, and is one of the many children in Uganda who doesn’t have her basic needs met. When you sponsor a student for NYAKA AIDs Orphans Project like Tauba, you …
Posted by K. Aldous in Student, Service on Sunday December 4, 2016
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Teaching and Sharing Skills to Enrich Lives (TASSEL) Night

How do you raise $6,706 for charity in three hours? The answer is hard work, organization, and dedicated chapter members. On November 11, the Singapore Chapter of Teaching and Sharing Skills to Enrich Lives, or TASSEL, held its first-ever Auction Night. TASSEL is a non-profit that provides English education and sustainability services to rural Cambodians. Members fundraise throughout the year and teach Cambodian students English via video-call from December to April. Auction Night was the first large-scale fundraiser of this semester: a silent auction that included not only donated items, but …

Posted by K. Aldous in Student on Wednesday November 30, 2016
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SAS SpaceLab Team Update

SAS SpaceLab Team

The SpaceLab team after giving our first public talk at the Singapore Science Center

Last month, we, on the SpaceLab team, gave our first public speech. We were presenting at the first official UN World Space Week event in Singapore - established by a UN General Assembly Resolution and intended as a global outreach event for space science and technology. It was a great experience to share our story with people in the local community. After the talk, we were thrilled when a student from Raffles Institution invited us to her school for a speaker series next semester. We also heard from …

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Happy Thanksgiving

For Americans living abroad, Thanksgiving does not hold any less importance than it would back home. Singapore American School celebrates this holiday with a four day weekend for students and faculty. From November 24-27, friends and families get together to spend quality time with each other and share what they’re thankful for. While Thanksgiving holds such a special place for many of us, the activities at SAS never stop. The weekend is full of athletics, like the eagle swim meet held on Saturday. Even the baseball and softball teams have an annual ‘Turkey tournament’ to celebrate.

For our …

Posted by K. Aldous in Student on Sunday November 20, 2016
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Changing The World $25 At A Time

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

There are many ways to change the world. Philanthropy is one way, and in this region, we see firsthand the needs that can be addressed through financial resources. Our own children, while blessed to be in a safe, secure city at a fantastic school, are directly impacted by the philanthropy of our own community, and their lives will be forever changed, too.

We are fortunate to benefit from the generosity of our Singapore American School …

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Teacher Feature: The Limit Does Not Exist

Middle school mathematics teacher Mr. Isagani Celzo has taught in the Philippines, Florida, California, and has now brought his positive learning zone to his eighth grade classroom in Singapore American School. He is a 2014 MLB, PEOPLE Magazine All-Star Teacher, University of Chicago 2015 Outstanding Educator, United Teachers of Los Angeles 2014 Platinum Apple Awardee, Los Angeles Unified School District 2014 Teacher of the Year, a 2015 Fishman Prize finalist, and a United Way Los Angeles 2015 Inspirational Teacher.

Where are you from and where did you go to school and teach?

I grew up in…

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We Are All Democrats. We Are All Republicans. We Are All Americans.

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United States of America.

I was on my way home when I heard the news. It’s been more than a day, and I’m not sure that this information has quite sunk in yet. We’ve all watched him campaign for months. He’s held rallies and made speeches. All this while, I was naïve enough to think it was all a joke. Even the night of the Republican National Convention, I half expected him to say, “I reject the nomination. Wow, America, you wouldn’t really vote me, of all people, into office, would you?”

Clearly, I was wrong.

I, like many others, hold a firm …

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The Suspects: Start from the End

Interesting stories are like gossip! You start with characters and facts, then guide your audience to possible explanations on how the two may be connected.

Gossiping about others is part of human nature. Humans need to create explanations for the world and others around them (and beyond), to feel a sense of control over their own lives and relationships.

“Gossip is helping you to predict who is friend and who is foe," says Lisa Feldman Barrett, distinguished professor of psychology at Northeastern University and an author of a study on how gossip affects not just what we know about an …

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Nyaka Club: Helping Students in Africa Gain an Education

Ayla’s Perspective

Ayla is a grade seven student who is active in SAS athletics as a soccer and rugby player. She enjoys helping others, writing, learning about how to help people in poverty

When our family was invited to a banquet dinner at our previous school in Korea, we had no idea how that night would change our lives and inspire us to improve the lives of HIV/AIDS orphans in Uganda! Jackson Kaguri, founder of the Nyaka HIV/AIDS Orphans Project, shared his story of growing up in Uganda and also of the death of his brother and sister to HIV/AIDS. He knew something had to change in Uganda and…

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College Counseling Parent Coffee

In high schools around the world college counseling is a widely debated topic. For years Singapore American School has enjoyed excellent college admissions for seniors. But even in a climate of success there was an understanding that the world is changing as selective schools become even more selective.

Dr. Darin Fahrney recently presented the results of a three year review process surrounding the high school counseling model.

He set the tone for the presentation talking about his own family saying, "this new model being presented is what I would want for my own children."

Dr. Fahrney said this…

Posted by K. Aldous on Thursday November 10, 2016 at 04:55PM
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Mayhem, and Some Ways We Deal with It: A Take on the Election from Students for Political Activism

November 9 was a memorable day - not only because of an unexpected, immensely shocking, and for many, horrifying Trump presidency, but also because of the experiences of SAS’s Students for Political Activism (SPA) members.

When SAS high schoolers were sat down in advisories on the November 8, they chose Hillary Clinton as the best candidate with about 60 percent of the population voting in favor of her becoming president. Meanwhile, Trump received about 11 percent of all votes, “None of the above” got around 13 percent, and the rest went to Johnson before Stein. This did not come as a surprise …

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Lunch Bunch Room:

Weeks have gone by since we did our electronic free Pokemon Go. Remember that??!! But we have been busy. Hard to believe but the day came when we finally dismantled our beloved Millenium Falcon Cockpit.

We used the left over black boxes as a foundation for a haunted house. Slowly during the weeks approaching Halloween we worked on bats, ghouls, witches, mummies, zombies, Frankensteins, and even a skeleton bride. Our haunted house became more haunted by the day. We also created a huge wall art piece where the children drew skeleton and zombie armies battling each other in front a silhouette of …

Posted by K. Aldous in Teacher on Sunday November 6, 2016
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