Earlier this fall, Singapore announced its intention to phase out the SafeEntry check-in process and instead move toward utilizing the TraceTogether app or token.

Click here to see how TraceTogether will be used at SAS.

Click here to see where to collect your child's token.

Last week, we received confirmation that schools will be required to follow the same guidelines beginning in January. Here is what you need to know:

  • Adults will only be allowed on campus if they have their TraceTogether app/token and provide it at the perimeter gate.
  • Students who are age seven and older will need to show their TraceTogether token to their first teacher at the start of each day.

The use of TraceTogether is mandatory to participate in the school day. This new mandatory process will begin on Monday, January 4. Please note that each family must pick up their own tokens. Please write your child's last name and student ID number on your child's token.

We are hopeful about what the use of TraceTogether will mean for our community. Many of the guidelines we currently have in place were created to help ensure we could effectively conduct the contact tracing the government requires in the event of a COVID case. With the implementation of TraceTogether, we are looking, subject to guidance we expect the government to issue by the end of the month, to allow for additional flexibility in activities and groupings for our students.

In addition, as we prepare to break for the winter holiday, please remind your children to stay safe and continue to observe the safety measures the Singapore government has in place. The Ministry of Education has asked all schools to share the following reminder:

"We also seek your assistance in reminding your students to observe all safe distancing rules when outside of campus, especially in malls and other public spaces. Government agencies overseeing the enforcement of such spaces have observed an increase in breaches in safe distancing by students (e.g. gathering in large groups). Such breaches are against the law, and offenders would be subject to penalties such as fines or even cancellation of Student's Pass."

Like many of you, we are grateful for the current COVID conditions that we have in Singapore, and we encourage you to continue to observe the safety measure in place so that we may continue to move toward phase three.

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