Sohit Gatiganti
Sohit Gatiganti

Passionate about computer science

I'm headed to Stanford University

I've always loved making things—whether it be baking a cake, assembling IKEA furniture, building a robot, or programming websites.

I became interested in engineering and computer science, so I will study some combination of the two at university. I chose Stanford not only because it is perhaps the best college for my intended areas of study, but also because of its low student-to-faculty ratio, incredible research facilities, and academic freedom. It is also at the heart of Silicon Valley, just a stone's throw away from huge tech companies and promising startups. The weather is perfect, and, to top it all, the campus is breathtaking!

What makes SAS special is its emphasis on participation in extracurriculars and encouragement to pursue passions beyond academics. This allowed me to apply my learning in the robotics lab and personal projects. SAS has the facilities to ensure that every student can pursue their passion, I would encourage younger students to find something you love and follow it to the best of your ability. My passion was computer science and robotics, and I invested myself in school activities like SpaceLab and the robotics team, while also pursuing research outside of school and doing internships.

I came into high school thinking that I would be the perfect student—the best at everything from math to English. That's impossible. SAS has such a talented student body that I quickly shifted from the hyper-competitive attitude to a more humble, open-to-learning attitude. I realized that my peers could teach me so much more than I could achieve by myself; and in fact, my academic performance improved after my shift in attitude.