From the Superintendent's Desk: May 24

From the Superintendent's Desk

Each year we share an annual survey with our community to help us get a better understanding of our current strengths and areas for growth as an organization. This information is collated and shared with our division administrators to help guide the work happening across campus.

This year we had 221 survey responses completed, which represents a 4.1 percent response rate. To view the complete results as collated according to division, payor status, and time at SAS, please click here.

The quantitative data captured in this survey helps us keep a pulse on the general sentiment in the community. The data tends to be relatively similar year-to-year with no major deviations. If a certain data point looks off we look for any events or activities that might have led to the dip or spike. The qualitative data captured highlights specific moments shared by community members that have impacted their child or family. These moments are organized according to the division or department highlighted in the comment. (see figure below)

These moments are reviewed by the departments/divisions and discussed to determine if further action is needed. These comments represent significant moments in the lives of our community members and we are committed to finding ways to continue delivering on the special moments and to improving where needed as well.

At the completion of our community engagement audit this year the community engagement task force made a recommendation to conduct regular surveys/polls throughout the year to help measure understanding regarding our strategic objectives as a school. Our team is working on a plan to ensure we collect the right data and then report back effectively on the data collected in a timely manner.

We are excited to continue working together with each of you to ensure we provide each student a life changing experience here at SAS!