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We strongly believe that critical thinking skills and team collaboration are crucial parts of a child's development. We greatly appreciate that SAS has provided the opportunity for our children to grow and excel in these areas.

SAS prepared our children academically for the rigours of their current schools. But, perhaps more importantly, our children bring a much needed global perspective to their current seminar classes and academic work that was fostered at SAS.

In the parent coffee we discussed how social emotional learning (SEL) is embedded in the middle school curriculum.

Our Operations at SAS article series is intended to maintain open communication around issues and decisions affecting the finances and operations of Singapore American School. Reading these articles will help you learn more about our school and how it has flourished for 65 years. For our first article this year, we present an update on enrollment numbers, new faculty, and summer facilities projects.

Calling neighborhood parents to help our walkers, bikers, and scooter-riders complete their school commute safely by acting as a crossing guard at the Woodgrove Avenue crosswalk.

For students riding the bus home at the end of the day, please be aware that bus dismissal will take longer while the children are becoming familiar with school routines.