Tuition and Fees

Payment of Jumpstart Tuition and Fees

The program fee for all division levels is S$1,200 inclusive of GST. All fees are quoted and assessed in Singapore dollars and all payments must be made in Singapore dollars. Fees are due in full at the time of course registration.

Additional Costs of Attendance

Families may incur additional costs during enrollment. These charges include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Optional bus transportation (Contact the bus office at for pricing and bus registration)
  • Purchase of additional food (daily lunch is included)

Refund Schedule

School fees for new and re-enrolled students will be refunded in case of withdrawal according to the following schedules:

Schedule Program Fee
Before April 1 100% Refund
From April 1 – April 30 50% Refund
From May 1 No refund

Outstanding Payment

Students with outstanding accounts may have their school attendance privileges revoked by the school until such time as their accounts are current. If any payment remains upon withdrawal from the school, no transcripts, transfers, or other records will be released until full payment is received.

More Information

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