Calendar Update: School Year 2020-21

Previously, we shared with you an idea proposed by community members that we move forward our 2020–21 school calendar by one week, with school starting one week earlier in August and ending one week earlier in December. We received nearly 500 emails in response to this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We also discussed this with our faculty senate and our PTA. We wanted to make sure we heard as many voices and different pros and cons on the issue as possible before making a decision. Read More

Helpful Information

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Special Requirements

Please complete the forms below if it is applicable to you.


Letter of Guarantee

Letter of Guarantee

For parents' employers

Student Pass Application

Student's Pass Application

For non-Singaporean students without a Dependant's Pass

Booster Club and PTA

Our parent organizations are here to help as you settle in at SAS. At the beginning of every school year, the PTA and Booster Club host events to welcome new parents and help you get involved if you choose. Details about these events will be emailed to you or advertised in the weekly SAS eNews. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to our organizations if you're interested in finding out more or have questions regarding SAS or Singapore in general.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is a volunteer organization that strives to enhance and enrich the SAS experience for students and their families. Membership is automatic for any family with a child at SAS and all faculty members. Through diverse services and events, the PTA aims to encourage support and participation in SAS programs as well as to promote a spirit of community within the SAS family.

The PTA is a resource for new families settling into a new life at SAS and in Singapore. It aims to provide information, assistance, and friendship for newcomers as they transition into the SAS community. Other PTA services include the sale of spirit items, the processing of Scholastic book orders for preschool through grade eight students, and various social events such as the Open House ice cream social, welcome coffees, and staff appreciation day.

The Booster Club

The SAS Eagles Booster Club provides support for extracurricular, cultural, and academic activities involving high school students. In addition to financial support, the Booster Club promotes high school spirit, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We work closely with administrators, faculty, and the PTA to enrich our students' experience at SAS. Throughout the school year, the Booster Club raise funds at the Booster Booth (located at the high school atrium) by selling school supplies, and spirit apparel and memorabilia, as well as through BBQs, bake sales, and community social events.

Get Involved

In the elementary school

Class parents are needed to help organize parties and celebrations throughout the year. Being a class parent is a good way to get to know the teacher, other parents, and your child’s classmates.

In the stores

The PTA store and Booster Booth are staffed entirely by volunteers. Volunteer for a two-hour shift every week or every other week as a way to meet other parents and get involved. Email here to be a PTA volunteer, and email here to be a Booster Booth volunteer.

In community events

A lot of effort goes into our SAS community events and we are always looking for volunteers to be on planning committees or work shifts. For more information or if you would like to add your name as an event volunteer, please contact the PTA secretary at or Booster Club President at You may also check out our weekly eNews e-newsletter for specific event signup pages.

Communications Office

What you can expect from the communications office throughout the year:

SAS eNews Newsletter:

  • Considered required reading for parents, our weekly digital SAS eNews is the prime go-to source for news about upcoming registrations, deadlines, conferences and report cards, events, and other important news.
  • SAS eNews is sent on the last school day of every week, usually on Fridays.

MySAS Portal

  • As your child may not have started class yet, you will not have access to the MySAS portal.
  • The MySAS portal is a place of vital information for parents, with calendars, lunch menus, links to teacher websites, PowerSchool, absence forms, the parent directory, athletics and activities information and registration, and more.
  • At the end of your child's first week of school you will be able to access the full version of the MySAS portal. At this time you will be sent further instructions on how to get logged in. All the services you need for now can be found here in your New Family portal.

Publications and Media

Please click here to visit our Publications and Media page, where you can access a variety of online information sources about SAS, including:

Please feel free to reach out to our office with any issues or suggestions regarding the New Family portal at

Course Selection

Course placement is the responsibility of the counseling teams in each SAS division.

Elementary School

Elementary class placements are handled by the elementary counselors after viewing your child's records and assessments from their previous school. Teacher assignments are done by the elementary principals and counselors. At the start of the school year your child's class placement will be communicated to you by email at 3:00 p.m. on the day before open house. 

Middle School

The middle school counselors and teachers will determine placement of any course that has levels (i.e. math and music) once they have viewed all assessments, including the world language selection*. Course placements are then determined as families work with the counselors during the new student orientations. That said, it is best to send in your math and language information as soon as you can.

Counselors will finalize your child's schedule and you will receive it from their advisory teacher.

*Please look out for an email from your divisional secretary regarding further course selection.

High School

Counselors will build individual schedules with students during their one-on-one appointments. Math and language assessments will also be completed at this time. Counselors will finalize your child's schedule and you will receive it during open house on August 11. 

One of the first things you will want to do after you have been admitted to SAS is review the information on courses, advanced course options including both Advanced Placement and Advanced Topic, graduation requirements, and extracurricular activities in the program planning guide. We have a broad variety of courses and you will surely see many different courses that seem interesting to you.

Students will also be contacted by a peer supporter. It's the mission of the SAS Peer Support program to help all new students feel welcome. When you arrive in Singapore you will meet a peer "buddy" who will try to make your transition as quick and easy as possible. Your counselor and teachers will also do their best to help get you acclimated to your new school.

Eagle Stop

The Eagle Stop is our one-stop shop where you can complete many necessary school errands. Please go to the To Complete page of this portal to check if you have completed the necessary registration forms. 

What you can do at the Eagle Stop

  • Apply for SASCards and vehicle passes
  • Bus services for your child
  • Buy school supplies and stationery
  • Buy school uniforms or pick up uniforms after ordering through our online store
  • Lost and found section for items misplaced on school buses
  • Print room next to the Eagle Stop to take passport photos or print personal documents and photos

Operating hours

The Eagle Stop (room A108) is located between central administration and middle school.

  • All services:
    • Monday – Friday
      7.45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
  • Express Service Counter (for bus services):
    • Monday – Friday
      3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Contact Us

Lunch at SAS - Food Services

  • There will be no student food service on the campus; students should bring their own snacks and lunch from home
  • Seating: Each table or group will be limited to five persons or fewer, with at least one-meter spacing between tables or groups. Seating will be adjusted in all areas to accommodate this rule

PTA Welcome Committee

As a new family, we know you have many questions. It is our goal to either answer those questions or help you navigate SAS and point you in the right direction. The PTA welcome committee organizes a buddy family program. The buddy family program matches new SAS families with existing SAS families. The goal of the buddy family is to help ease your transition into SAS—as well as Singapore, if this is your first time here—to keep you informed of welcome events and to help you connect to the SAS community.

If you desire to be connected to a SAS buddy family, please click here to complete the request form.

We invite you to join the SAS Welcome Page on Facebook. This page is updated with current SAS news, as well as welcome event dates and details. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact PTA Welcome Committee chair or Mina Bregman, the PTA President.

School Notices Asia MarketPlace

The PTA and School Notices are working together to provide an online noticeboard through which parents and alumni can buy, sell, and advertise to one another—allowing the SAS community to help one another in an online marketplace.

School Notices Asia is completely free for parents, staff and alumni to use. It is also a way for you to support your school and parent association with their fundraising efforts as 25% of all advertising goes directly back to our member schools.

Click here to go to SAS's School Notices page.

School Supplies

Students in the ELC, elementary, and middle school grades are issued school supplies in their classrooms once they start school. Additional supplies may be purchased throughout the year in the Eagle Stop and at the Booster Booth in the high school.

High school students need some specific supplies as outlined below.

Early Learning Center

  • Students are required to provide a backpack, lunch box (if bringing home lunch), snack, and no-spill water bottle.

Elementary School

  • Students are required to provide a backpack, lunch box (if bringing home lunch), snack, and a no-spill water bottle.

Middle School

  • Students are required to provide a backpack, lunch box (if bringing home lunch), and no-spill water bottle.
  • Additional school supplies can be purchased on campus in the SAS service center, if needed.

High School

  • Students are required to provide:
    • backpack
    • laptop (the majority use Apple). Learn more about laptop requirements.
    • TiNspire CX II calculator for math courses. We recommend you purchase the calculator outside of Singapore for best pricing, though we do stock it in the Booster Booth.
  • Additional school supplies can be purchased on campus in the Eagle Stop bookstore or at the Booster Booth.
  • A counselor will provide more information regarding supplies for individual courses at your orientation appointment.


The New Family portal was built specifically to assist new incoming families in their transition to Singapore American School. Please feel free to reach out to the communications office with any issues or suggestions regarding the portal at

If you have suggestions about how SAS can better support new families, please share them with us at

Letter to the Ministry of Education (MOE)

If your child is a Singapore citizen you must inform the Admissions Office. If your child becomes a Singapore citizen after admission, you must inform us as well. All Singapore citizens wishing to enroll in a Foreign System School (FSS) are required to submit an application for approval, as well as supporting documents to the Ministry of Education at a certain age. Click here to download the application form. To know the exact timing of your child's MOE application, please email

Please note that MOE may track students who are Singapore citizens. Not abiding by the law may result in government fines and/or disruption in your child's education at SAS.