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NHD Project Featured in 2023 Next Generation Angels Awards Student History Documentary Film Festival

In 2022, inspired by an Indigenous Australian art exhibition, ninth grade student Maia embarked on a National History Day journey exploring the Papunya Tula Art Movement. With support from experts, Maia unveiled a rich narrative, earning third prize at the National History Day Competition. Find out more about her project.

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AT Nonfiction and Rhetoric Telunas Retreat
E-Jun and Daniel

AT Nonfiction andRhetoric is a distinctive English class, centered around giving students a high level of autonomy, and offering exciting real-world application. A high level of exposure to various aspects of the publishing process, from design to copy editing, provides students with a unique experience that familiarizes them with the different stages of publication. This unconventional dynamic of high autonomy and hands-on approach enables students to not only learn about rhetoric but to live it as well.

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Executive Service Council

Singapore American School boasts a plethora of high school service clubs, each driven by passionate students eager to make a difference. In this feature, we highlight four service clubs: PAW, Blue Planet Initiative, Beyond Social Services, Theater Tech. Learn more about these clubs here!

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Student Life Stories


PTA Store and Cafe

The PTA office is a welcoming place to hang out, grab a coffee, and catch up with friends. Throughout the year it is also the place to stock up on used books and other fun merchandise. If you can’t make it on campus to visit, swing by the online shop and pick up anything you need from wherever your travels have taken you. 

Booster Club

School store for a Singapore summer school

In the Booster Booth you can always find a wide variety of fun spirit items available for purchase. If you can’t make it to the booth then head over to the online shop to find everything you need to support your eagles anywhere in the world.

Let's Play!

Was it this person who said that? Or that person who said this? Match the quote to the correct educator to complete the crossword puzzle below!

Anthony Poullard
high school deputy principal
Christine O'Dea
english as an additional language teacher
Jeanette Dari
middle school counselor
Iskra Petrovska
creativity center specialist
Brian Lim
middle school band
Maznee Ibrahim
high school
executive assistant

Alumni Stories

Forty Years Gone
Michael Barnes (class of 1984)

After forty years, Michael Barnes (class of 1984) returns to Singapore American School for a visit. Barnes shares how special it was to be back in Singapore with his family.

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