Learners at High Levels

Known for an unmistakable culture of excellence, extraordinary care, and possibilities, Singapore American School offers a community where every student learns at high levels, every student is known and advocated for, and every student personalizes their learning. The Class of 2018 has accomplished much in their time here and we’re confident that each student will truly achieve their potential in the years to come.


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United States citizens and 43% non-US citizens

Senior Walk

The Class of 2018, on the brink of graduating, walked the length of the school, looking back in time, as our little Eagles cheered them on to a new phase in life. Even as they looked back, our little ones were looking ahead to a time when they will walk the same hallways in caps and gowns, bidding adieu to a home away from home.


As the Class of 2018 steps into the world, we know that they’re ready. Ready to double down on their passions. Ready to be bold. Ready to make an attempt. Sometimes fail. And try again. We’ve seen them soar. Win. And show what it takes to succeed. As they lean on each other, as they lean on this community, they know they will never walk alone!.

To Praise and Honor: The Cum Laude System

The Class of 2018 is the first in which students were honored for academic excellence with the traditional Latin commendations used by many universities. We are excited about our transition to this new honors system, and we congratulate our 94 graduates who earned cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude distinctions on their diplomas!

The Class of 2018 is the first in which students were honored for academic excellence with the traditional Latin commendations used by many universities. We are excited about our transition to this new honors system, and we congratulate our 94 graduates who earned cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude distinctions on their diplomas!

The Latin honors system was developed by Harvard College in 1869 to recognize those graduates with the most impressive overall academic records. It was adopted by colleges in the US, Canada, and other countries. More recently, high schools have embraced versions of this system, and college admissions officers respect these honors as meaningful indicators of outstanding achievement.

“Our old system implied a zero-sum view of student achievement with only one first-place finisher. Today our students learn and demonstrate success in myriad amazing ways, and the cum laude approach allows us to celebrate this variety. Learning should not be a competition, and our new honors system reflects our view that all students can achieve academic excellence at SAS.”
– Dr. Darin Fahrney, SAS High School Principal

At SAS, we base the three honor levels on students’ cumulative high school grade point averages (GPAs) through the fall semester of senior year. At our recent graduation exercises, students who had earned these distinctions were noted in the program, stood for recognition, and received diplomas showing their special accomplishment.

Like many schools in the United States, SAS used to rank high school students by their GPAs. Out of 300 graduates, only two—the valedictorian and salutatorian—were honored each year. Students hoping to earn these accolades focused more on grade competition than on learning.

Increasingly, high-performing schools are concluding that the ranking system has negative consequences for students. It discourages them from taking academic risks, pushes them toward “easy” classes or those with weighted grades, and increases stress, self-criticism, and unhealthy comparisons with classmates. As our high school moved to a standards-based grading system and broadened course offerings, it became clear that the GPA ranking system was a poor fit for us.

We are extremely pleased to adopt the cum laude system, which aligns with a proficiency-based approach where there is room at the top for every student who achieves a given level of excellence. While encouraging rigorous scholarship, the cum laude system also widens the pool of honorees, giving more students more incentive to work hard, embrace challenges, and explore their interests. We believe this change will inspire our students to engage fully with our wide variety of curricular and extracurricular learning opportunities, which is the hallmark of an SAS education. We congratulate our first cum laude honorees for their achievements during their high school careers!

List of Cum Laude Graduates from the Class of 2018

Summa Cum Laude: Minimum 4.4 GPA

Jaclyn Danielle SY Chan
Jihwan Choi
Hannah Elizabeth Curley
Tanvi Dutta Gupta
Katherine Michelle Enright
Louis Levi Libby Gordon
Faisal Sami Ali Halabeya
Ruth Hui Min Jaensubhakij
Anika Khanderia
A Hyun Kim
Jia Qi Lin
Drew Christopher Suranjan
Alice Aili Zhou

Congratulations to our 13 summa cum laude graduates!

Magna Cum Laude: Minimum 4.2 GPA

Puteri Lyanna Husnaa Abdul Rahman
Priyanka Balasubramanian Aiyer
Kate Grace Angell
Aditya Bharadwaj
Mitchell William Bonaguro
Hannah Li Bradshaw
Kianna Jade Broadman
Jayhyun Chang
Hai-Yen Chien
Se Young Chun
Jose Miguel Santos Dimayacyac
Sarah Abigail Fry
Enzhuo Andrew Fu
Aaron Rafter Graybill
Alice Sara Harvey
Christopher Seong-Hwa Hong
Rebecca Catherine Kuehn
Max Liang Kwan
Heekyung Kwon
Robert Cheukying Law
Zachary Jia-Han Lee
Rachel Yun Mei Li
Jaclyn Sau-On Lo
Anyatama Makur
Yana Mihova
Ishan Devare Modi
Sarthak Navjivan
Ansh Prasad
Yuriko Sanno
Chloe Julia Shin-Gay
Sean Alexander Sindhunirmala
Polina Smirnova
Ana Katarina Stein Vrbanic
Vishal Sundaram
Seung Hee Sung
Kenzo Szerdahelyi
Felicia Ilona Tejawinata
Jacob Ryan Viray Uy
Jade Melati Warren

Congratulations to our 39 magna cum laude graduates!

Cum Laude: Minimum 4.0 GPA

Bipasha Acharya
Nikhil Agarwal
Ethan John Fuentebella
Madeleine Sue Alexander
Avinash Ashok
Taylor Caitlyn Buechel
Sabrina Campedelli
Yesh Ishwar Chandiramani
Nadia Putri Clark
Kilani Daane
Greer Morgan Donnalley
Sushmit Sudip Dutta
Aidan Christopher Fry,
Robert Flint Fuller
Aryaman Gulati
John Jong Hoon Hahn
Andrea Shalomaya Horn
Max Ju Zhong Huang
Keshav Jagannath
Julia Natsune Kern
Christina Kim
Young Jae Kim
Gabriella Bernice Koh
Jane Li
Shan-Sam Liew
Mikako Dolores Martin
Hana Rae Matsudaira
Austin Chase Meredith
KyungMin Karen Nam
Julian Robert Padgett
Ryan Stephen Payne
Jefferson Orion Portelli
Avantika Raikar
Liza Jean Robertson
Katherine Hyunji Sun
Phoebe Bianca Dizon Tan
Devansh Tandon
Wei En Tsao
Quinn Hayley Tucker
Hannah Elaine Jee-Eun Walton
Emily Chinyi Wu
Xu Xu

Congratulations to our 42 magna cum laude graduates!

Outstanding Graduates Awards

These awards represent our highest senior award and are presented each year to one male and one female student. Award recipients must have been at SAS for at least two years and exemplify the highest standards of academic scholarship, citizenship, and contributions to the school and community.
Outstanding Graduate of the Class of 2018

Ruth Jaensubhakij

Outstanding Female Graduate of the Year

A student at SAS for five years, Ruth Jaensubhakij has been active in service, leadership, music, and a broad range of activities on campus. Jaensubhakij is known on campus for her brilliant mind and compassionate spirit. One person called her whip smart, humble, creative, funny, gracious, virtuous, and kind. When asked what she is most proud of, Jaensubhakij spoke about the culture of service, and how proud she is of her classmates who have worked so hard to put in place sustainable service programs.

One student said, “Ruth is one of those people who you just wish was your very best friend because she will always have your back, be an ear to listen, be someone who will give you their compassion, and be someone you can rely on. No matter where or what time it is, she is the friend you can count on despite all the things she does.”

At SAS, Jaensubhakij was a part of the Executive Service Council, Friends of Genesis, IASAS Debate, IPAU, The Pitches, SAS Singers, Catalyst Impact Fellowship, Peer Support, TEDxYouth@SAS Executive Team, National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society), Dance Club, Anything Goes (2016-17 musical), and Interim Council. She will attend Harvard College next year.

Outstanding Graduate of 2018

Robert Law

Outstanding Male Graduate of the Year

An SAS student for 12 years, Robert Law has excelled in almost everything he has put his attention to. Law has demonstrated not only his academic prowess, but also his tremendous leadership and artistic talent. When asked what he is most proud of, Law spoke about his work with student council, what an honor it has been to work with his classmates, what they have been able to accomplish together, and how much they have all grown. Law is known for his authenticity, integrity, responsibility and incredible work ethic.

A friend said about Law, “I think the entire senior class would agree that just seeing him puts a smile on our faces, whether it’s when he's getting all of Aquila on their feet during a house assembly, falling out of his chair because he's sneezed too hard, or just dashing through the hallways from one meeting to the next. He is resilient, trustworthy, and will never make you feel guilty for asking for help or advice. But most of all, he's simply a good person—he always takes other people's feelings into consideration, acts with integrity, and does the right thing.”

At SAS, Law volunteered and was treasurer at the Leprosy Home, was in Peer Support all four years of high school, and was in Student Council, serving as House President in twelfth grade. He was part of National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society), Chinese Honor Society, and Computer Science Honor Society. Law will attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall and plans to study electrical engineering and computer science.

Post-high school plans


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University Matriculation

University is just one more step in the educational journey that began as far back as preschool. We graduate tremendous young adults who have prepared themselves not only for college, but also for life. While the list of colleges and universities to which Singapore American School sends graduates is impressive, we recognize this is only one measure of our success as an academic institution.

The following is the list of colleges and universities members of the Classes of 2016 to 2018 chose to attend. The students from these three classes received 2,819 acceptances at 646 institutions across 15 countries. Singapore American School reports university matriculation for the last three graduating classes to account for the many students who apply to universities on a different admission cycle and to include students who complete National Service and begin university later.


American University (3)
Amherst College (1)
Appalachian State University (1)
Arizona State University (1)
Baruch College (1)
Bates College (2)
Baylor University (7)
Bentley University (2)
Berklee College of Music (2)
Biola University (1)
Boise State University (1)
Boston College (3)
Boston University (18)
Bowdoin College (1)
Bowling Green State University (1)
Brandeis University (2)
Brigham Young University (5)
Brown University (1)
Bryn Mawr College (3)
Bucknell University (2)
Cabrillo College (1)
Cal Maritime (1)
California Polytechnic State University (2)
California State Polytechnic University (2)
California State University (1)
Calvin College (1)
Carnegie Mellon University (8)
Case Western Reserve University (3)
Cedar Crest College (1)
Chaminade University of Honolulu (1)
Chapman University (7)
City College of New York (1)
Claremont McKenna College (3)
Clark University (1)
Colgate University (2)
College of William and Mary (2)
Colorado College (2)
Colorado State University (1)
Columbia University (4)
Connecticut College (1)
Cornell University (5)
Creighton University (1)
Dartmouth College (3)
Davidson College (1)
De Anza College (1)
DePaul University (1)
Drew University (1)
Drexel University (1)
Duke University (7)
Eastern Illinois University (1)
Elon University (3)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (1)
Emerson College (3)
Emory University (5)
Fordham University (5)
Georgetown University (3)
Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (1)
Georgia College (1)
Georgia Institute of Technology (1)
Georgia State University (1)
Georgian Court University (1)
Hamilton College (1)
Harvard University (5)
Haverford College (2)
Holy Cross College (1)
Howard University (1)
Illinois Institute of Technology (1)
Indiana University (7)
Johns Hopkins University (4)
Juniata College (1)
Kankakee Community College (1)
Kansas State University (1)
Kent State University (1)

Lehigh University (2)
Liberty University (1)
Loyola Marymount University (5)
Loyola University Chicago (3)
Lynn University (1)
Marist College (1)
Marquette University (1)
Maryland Institute College of Art (1)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1)
McNeese State University (1)
Menlo College (1)
Michigan State University (1)
Michigan Technological University (1)
Middlebury College (5)
Montana State University (1)
Mount Holyoke College (2)
New Mexico State University (1)
New York University (39)
Northeastern University (19)
Northwest Florida State College (1)
Northwestern University (9)
Occidental College (2)
Oregon State University (2)
Pace University (3)
Pennsylvania State University (7)
Pepperdine University (1)
Pitzer College (1)
Portland State University (1)
Princeton University (3)
Providence College (1)
Purdue University (9)
Reed College (1)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2)
Rice University (7)
Rollins College (1)
Rutgers University-New Brunswick (3)
Saint Louis University (1)
San Diego State University (1)
San Jose State University (1)
Santa Barbara City College (1)
Santa Clara University (12)
Santa Monica College (2)
Sarah Lawrence College (1)
Savannah College of Art and Design (4)
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1)
School of Visual Arts (2)
Scripps College (1)
Seattle University (2)
Simmons College (1)
Skidmore College (2)
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (1)
Sonoma State University (1)
Southern Methodist University (1)
Stanford University (3)
Stetson University (1)
Stevens Institute of Technology (1)
Stony Brook University (1)
State University of New York at Buffalo (1)
Swarthmore College (1)
Sweet Briar College (1)
Syracuse University (5)
Temple University (1)
Texas A&M University (5)
Texas Christian University (2)
Texas State University (1)
Texas Tech University (1)
The George Washington University (5)
The New School (3)
University of Alabama (1)
University of Arizona (1)
University of Iowa (1)
University of North Carolina (2)
University of Tampa (1)
University of Texas (6)

Trinity College (1)
Trinity University (1)
Tufts University (7)
Tulane University (3)
United States Military Academy (1)
United States Naval Academy (1)
University of Alaska Anchorage (1)
University of California, Berkeley (11)
University of California,Davis (5)
University of California, Irvine (4)
University of California, Los Angeles (5)
University of California, San Diego (4)
University of California, Santa Barbara (3)
University of California, Santa Cruz (1)
University of Chicago (8)
University of Colorado (5)
University of Connecticut (1)
University of Florida (2)
University of Guelph (1)
University of Hawaii (1)
University of Illinois (7)
University of Kansas (1)
University of La Verne (1)
University of Maryland (3)
University of Massachusetts (3)
University of Miami (1)
University of Michigan (6)
University of Minnesota (2)
University of New Hampshire (1)
University of New Mexico (1)
University of North Carolina (1)
University of North Carolina School of the Arts (1)
University of North Texas (1)
University of Notre Dame (4)
University of Oregon (2)
University of Pennsylvania (5)
University of Pittsburgh (3)
University of Rhode Island (1)University of Richmond (2)
University of Rochester (1)
University of San Diego (1)
University of San Francisco (5)
University of South Florida (1)
University of Southern California (14)
University of the Pacific (3)
University of Utah (2)
University of Vermont (1)
University of Victoria (1)
University of Virginia (2)
University of Washington (8)
University of Waterloo (5)
University of West Florida (1)
University of Wisconsin (12)
Utah Valley University (1)
Valdosta State University (1)
Vanderbilt University (1)
Vassar College (2)
Villanova University (3)
Virginia Commonwealth University (1)
Virginia Tech (2)
Wake Forest University (1)
Washington State University (2)
Washington University in St. Louis (6)
Wentworth Institute of Technology (1)Wesleyan University (4)
West Virginia University (1)
Western New England University (1)
Western University (1)
Western Washington University (1)Wheaton College (1)
Whitworth University (1)
Wichita State University (1)
Yale University (1)


Ateneo de Manila University (5)
De La Salle University Manila (1)
DigiPen Institute of Technology (1)
ESSEC Business School (1)
Ewha Womans University (1)
International Christian University (1)
James Cook University (3)
Keio University (2)
Korea University (3)
National University of Singapore (2)

Savannah College of Art and Design (1)
Seoul National University (2)
School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University (1)
Singapore Management University (3)
Singapore University of Social Sciences (1)
Sophia University (2)
University of Hong Kong (1)
Yale-NUS College (1)
Yamanashi Gakuin University (1)
Yonsei University (2)

Australia/New Zealand

Australian National University (2)
University of Melbourne (1)
University of Sydney (7)
University of New South Wales (1)


Dalhousie University (1)
McGill University (6)
Queen's University (8)
University Laval (1)
University of Alberta (1)
University of British Columbia (19)
University of Ottawa (1)
University of Toronto (10)


Bath Spa University (1)
Emmanuel College (1)
Falmouth University (1)
Glion Institute of Higher Education (1)
King's College London (6)
Leeds Beckett University (1)
Oxford Aviation Academy (1)
Oxford Brookes University (1)
Queen's University Belfast (1)
University of Edinburgh (4)
University of Manchester (1)
University College London (6)
University of Birmingham (1)
University of Bristol (2)
University of Cambridge (1)
University of Exeter (1)
University of Glasgow (1)
University of Oxford (3)
University of St Andrews (3)
University of Westminster (1)

Other Countries

Franklin University Switzerland (1)
Grenoble School of Management (1)
IE University (1)
Les Roches Global Hospitality Education (1)
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences (1)
Universita Bocconi (1)

College Spotlight 2018

The best part of college admissions? Snagging bragging rights and donning that sweatshirt.

34% of class of 2018

earned cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude honors

highest number

of students applied to new york university


number of college applications


number of countries to which college applications were sent

Life After Graduation

Graduating from high school is a significant transition point in the lives of our seniors. It is challenging, exhilarating, sometimes overwhelming, and offers countless possibilities for the future. As our Eagles take on life after graduation, here’s a sneak peek into the hearts and minds of some of our graduates from the Class of 2018 as they look back on their time at SAS and look forward to new hopes, new dreams, and a new future!

To younger students: get excited about stuff! If something interests you, pursue it, and take advantage of all the opportunities you have. Enjoy the process—forget the end result. It's never as important as you think it is.

No matter where you go, there will always be people who are willing to support your decisions and push you to achieve more. Discover yourself, learn new things, and find out what you really enjoy.

Every SAS Eagle—student or faculty—has one thing in common: they seek to convey and explain the intuitive ideas that underlie every subject. And that approach has allowed me to love everything from physics to math to poetry.

Don't be afraid to try out new things, and keep on pursuing your interests!

Try everything! You may hate it, but you also may love it. Join a club you wouldn't have expected to. Volunteer for a spirit activity. Try out for a sport. Take a class just because it interests you. You don't want to look back at high school thinking, 'I wish I'd done this.'

Study hard, but don't get too caught up in college and grades so that you sacrifice friendships.

Make the most of every moment. Get involved, try out for teams, join clubs, participate in spirit activities, and show school spirit.

Don't be afraid to take advantage of what SAS has to offer. There is something for everyone. There are so many clubs and other after school activities that bring together people with similar interests and passions. If it wasn't for the clubs and shows I did, I would not have found my group of friends.

Don't count yourself out of anything—if there's an option, always take the chance because you never know what could happen.

Photo Gallery