In 2018-19, Foundation Funding Paid For:


Professional development for instructional assistants


A recreation specialist in elementary school


A laser cutter and 3D printer for the middle school


Flexible learning environments in the high school


The elementary school Eagle Dance program


Competitive robotics in the middle school


Support and resources for the space technology engineering

2019–20 Giving Options

The 2019–20 giving options have been selected in support of key priorities of the school in the coming years. Donors may choose to designate their gift to one of these areas:

Unrestricted Support


Unrestricted gifts provide Singapore American School with funds that are not limited to a specific program or project. Your donation gives SAS’s leadership team the ability to advance the school’s top priorities and respond to needs as they arise. Unrestricted gifts are of critical importance because they allow the school to provide funding to offer transformative opportunities to students, overcome unexpected challenges, take advantage of unique opportunities, and enhance the SAS experience.

Professional Development


At Singapore American School, our teachers are our greatest resource. We believe in lifelong learning, and your support will enable us to extend the transformational benefits of education to our staff. With the support of the donor community, we will be able to expand the educational opportunities (master’s and doctorate degree programs, conferences, workshops, courses, and coaching) available for our faculty and staff to equip them to serve students most effectively.

Social-Emotional Learning


Students learn best when they feel known, cared for, and connected to their school. Social-emotional learning provides many benefits, including increased academic performance, and reduced stress and negative behaviors. At SAS, social-emotional learning is embedded within services and programs schoolwide to foster students relationships with their teachers and each other. Your gift to the SAS Foundation will support effective and innovative ideas in our social-emotional wellness and advisory programs to create environments and practices that prioritize belonging, well-being, and inclusiveness.

Support Services


Singapore American School provides targeted, individualized support so that all of our students can learn at high levels. This level of support comes at a cost, and your gift will allow us to provide the resources necessary to continue to serve students with a wide variety of abilities at Singapore American School.

Interim Scholarships

High School

For over 45 years, Interim Semester has been a signature and life-changing experience for SAS’s high school students. While providing the necessary supervision and support to ensure a safe, rewarding, and extraordinary experience, SAS strives to keep costs to a minimum. However, more SAS families than ever before pay tuition and fees without support from their employers. We invite you to support students who demonstrate financial need, so they too can share in the incredible opportunity for learning and growth that Interim Semester represents.



At Singapore American School, we value athletics for the lessons they teach about leadership, teamwork, victory and defeat, and the sheer joy of competition. With a wide variety of sports and playing levels, there’s a home for every athlete on our campus. Your support will enable us to upgrade our training facilities, sponsor tournament participation, and provide certification courses for our coaches.

All Gifts, Regardless of Size, Make a Measurable Impact


can provide the taxi fare for an SAS visitor-in-residence 


can provide materials for the creativity center


can provide registration fees to send one student to a local Model United Nations conference


can pay for transportation for a class field trip


can provide funding for an intern to support middle school TRi Time students 


can provide a guest dance choreographer in middle school or a guest musician in elementary school classes 


can provide registration fees to send a teacher to a learning conference

Ways to Give

Donors can make a gift to either the Singapore foundation or the US foundation. The SAS Foundation (USA) is a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States and donors to the US foundation receive a tax deduction from their US income taxes. If you are making a gift to our US foundation, please make payment using US checks or credit card.

GIft Acknowledgement Levels

All gifts will be gratefully acknowledged in the school's annual report. Donors making gifts of S$1,000 or more will be recognized as members of the Eagle Society at the following giving levels:

Member S$1,000 – S$2,499
Friend S$2,500 – $4,999
Fellow S$5,000 – S$9,999
Patron S$10,000 – $$24,999
Benefactor S$25,000 – S$49,999
1956 Circle S$50,000 and above

Recognition levels are based on the cumulative total of an individual's cash gifts to the SAS Foundations made in a fiscal year, July 1 to June 30.

Your gift to SAS is an investment in world-class education

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does SAS need to raise money?

  • Tuition alone cannot provide for many of the extras that complete the SAS experience.
  • Foundation funding provides a wide exposure to arts and culture to students across all divisions, an unparalleled level of professional development to its teachers, the breadth and depth of support services on our campus, and many of our service learning programs.
  • Philanthropy provides necessary financial stability that strengthens our self-reliance and ability to withstand future economic fluctuations.

I am not wealthy, and can only give S$25 or S$50. How would that make a difference?

  • There are more than 2,600 families at SAS. If 1,000 families gave S$50, that would mean an additional S$50,000 for the school.
  • If you work for a company that matches gifts, your S$50 becomes S$100—and this S$50,000 becomes S$100,000.
  • The multiplier effect is incredible. Every gift truly does make a difference.

I am philanthropic, but more inclined to support other causes than our school. Why should I give to SAS?

  • Philanthropy is an intensely personal decision; no one can tell you what should be important to you.
  • As you consider your philanthropic priorities and create a portfolio of giving for your family, please consider giving back to SAS because it impacts your own community of children, who as leaders of tomorrow will be on the frontlines addressing societal needs of the future.

My company does not pay our tuition, we do. Why should I consider giving SAS even more money?

  • Making a gift is the simplest way to raise your hand and say, "SAS is important to our family."
  • Participation in annual giving is important because it reflects our spirit of shared expereinces and mutual encouragement. Every gift is important because it means that more of us are sharing the financial responsibility to support our school.
  • Participation can also have an impact on gifts from outside sources, as foundations consider parent participation rates when considering gifts to a school.

What is the Eagle Society? How is a gift to the SAS Foundation the same or different than joining the Eagle Society?

  • The Eagle Society is a recognition level for donors who make qualifying gifts to the SAS Foundation. Membership begins with an annual gift of S$1,000 or more.
  • The purpose of the Eagle Society is to strengthen the relationship between SAS and its donors and to reaffirm the value of your annual support for the school. Eagle Society donors receive updates about special initiatives at the school, and donors receive exclusive invitations to events throughout the year.

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