Why Give

Why I Give

Change is the only constant in the world and we are impressed that the focus at SAS is on equipping students with curiosity, resilience, and engagement to help them brave the evolving challenges of the future.

It is important for me to give back to SAS in any way I can. I want SAS to be here in the future and continue to breed students who are multi-talented, have a strong will to solve world problems, a creative mindset, and an international awareness in these challenging times.

The holistic learning experience that prepares our children for the future. We're glad that the onus is put on students to recognise and take advantage of the tremendous resources and opportunities at SAS.

Our family was inspired to support the SAS Foundation because we took the time to understand the needs and the impact of our gift. We learned that every child at SAS benefits from the foundation's support for support services, professional development for faculty, academic and experiential learning, service learning and many other uses.

For over 20 years, Yeap Transport has managed the school buses that bring our students from their homes to Singapore American School and back. Since founder Mr. William Yeap purchased his first bus to drive for Tanglin Trust School in 1973, Yeap Transport has built its business on good safety records and good customer service.

While SAS has a rigorous academic program that thoroughly challenged me, when I look back, what first comes to mind is all that I learned beyond the walls of the classroom.

Our Job is to Pay It Forward


You can already see many amazing improvements and incredible programs being launched that continue to keep us cutting edges as a school. But we need resources to put many of these programs in place, and philanthropic support from the community is essential to make that happen. Many people have donated time and financial support to meet the needs of the time. It is why we have the campus and facilities that we do today. Our job is to pay it forward for the students today and in the future to ensure that SAS remains the best school in the world.

Astrid Salim (class of 1995)


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