Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors support Singapore American School in nurturing a culture of philanthropy to advance the school’s mission and vision through the programs and services funded by the SAS Foundation. Volunteers work closely with the associate director of development to educate the community about the importance of philanthropy, encourage broad participation in the annual giving campaign, and acknowledge donors for their support. Parent ambassadors are essential to personalizing the message of philanthropy among their friends and peer groups.



Key Duties

  • Demonstrate commitment to unrestricted annual giving by making an annual gift
  • Understand the goals and priorities of the annual giving campaign
  • Encourage individuals and groups of fellow parents in your own personal network to give, through group and/or individual meetings, telephone calls, emails, and personalized letters
  • Provide feedback to the advancement office in order to improve annual giving and the parent ambassador role

Skills and Abilities

  • Loves being part of the SAS community
  • Is enthusiastic about nurturing a tradition of philanthropy within the SAS community and demonstrates this enthusiasm by giving and encouraging others to do so
  • Enjoys interaction with other parents
  • Is able to educate and inform peer groups in a friendly, non-pressured manner
  • Is collaborative in seeking input and providing feedback to the advancement office.


Advancement Office Support

Staff members from the advancement office provide ongoing support for Parent Ambassadors as they reach out to other parents. Our goal is to help volunteers be successful in their efforts by:

  • Maintaining regular contact with volunteers
  • Providing contact data for families for outreach efforts
  • Producing letters and mailing to contact lists
  • Speaking at events organized by Parent Ambassadors
  • Helping with any questions about the solicitation progress
  • Responding to Parent Ambassadors’ needs and providing support throughout the year.

Parent ambassadors are essential to the work of the SAS Foundation and the goals we want to achieve for the SAS community. Giving simply cannot be sustained without parent involvement and we deeply appreciate the gift of commitment, time, and energy.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We want to support you in any way we can, and we know that by working together we can make this a fulfilling and rewarding experience.