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Donors can make a gift online via credit card to either the Singapore foundation or the US foundation. Donors to the US foundation receive a tax deduction off of US income taxes.
**Processing fees of up to 3.33% apply for credit card donations and are incurred by SAS. Please consider instead a bank transfer to ensure that the entirety of your gift goes to supporting our students at SAS**

Please begin by selecting the foundation to which you intend to donate:

The SAS Foundation in Singapore

Make Your Gift in SGD
The SAS Foundation in Singapore is a registered charity. There is no tax incentive available.

The SAS Foundation in the USA

Make Your Gift in USD
The SAS Foundation in the USA is a 501(c)(3) organization. If you pay taxes in the USA, you are eligible to receive a tax deduction.

Annual Giving

Annual gifts make a difference in the quality and reach of an SAS education, funding the people, programs, and places that make our school experience truly exceptional. Gifts are used in every division and to fund programs that would not be possible without donor generosity.

Giving Designations

Our giving designations take a four-pronged approach that is in line with our strategic anchors, providing a more targeted impact for our students.

Greatest Needs

Gives SAS leadership the ability to apply your gift where it’s needed most.


"Every student learns at high levels."

Funds excellence across all disciplines.

Internationally renowned authors, artists, musicians, and other professionals work with and inspire students at SAS.
Students have the opportunity to begin their aquatic experience in our SwimAmerica swim school or grow to excel in our swim team.
Resources such as instruments, audio equipment, registration fees, and scores help support our young musicians. Share in their joy of music!
Chinese Immersion
ES students enjoy Chinese language opportunities integrated into every moment of learning, while building the foundation for future academic success.
Students enjoy upgrades to training facilities and participate in tournaments, while faculty experience professional development.
Technique classes allow students to work with professional choreographers, while dance resources are vital for rehearsal and performance.
Advanced Topics
AT courses give students avenues to engage in demanding academic experiences relevant to future university and career opportunities.
Catalyst project gives high school students a self-study opportunity to pursue their own paths of exploration in an academic setting.

Extraordinary Care

"Every student is known and advocated for."

Helps students create habits that will ensure their intellectual, physical and mental well-being throughout their lives.

Professional Development
Educational opportunities equip our faculty and staff to serve our students most effectively.
Diversity and inclusion
We celebrate the diversity that is such a wonderful strength of SAS and we equally focus on ensuring that our community is inclusive for all our students.
Service learning
Service learning is a critical component of the SAS curriculum. Students schoolwide participate in service learning field trips.
Interim Scholarships
Interim Semester scholarships help more of our students experience this incredible opportunity.
Play spaces
SAS balances academic instruction with opportunities for open-ended experiences and creative and productive play.
Social and emotional support
Your gift will allow us to provide the resources necessary to continue to serve students with a wide variety of abilities at SAS.
Compassion Fund
The Compassion Fund co-pays tuition with families affected by a loss of employment or other acute changes in their financial circumstances.
WOW nurtures the wellbeing of our entire school community and engages with the health and growth of our students.


"Every student personalizes their learning."

Funds innovation, experiential learning, and advanced technology to enhance the student experience in classrooms and beyond.

Speaker series
International and local experts address important and timely topics on parenting, psychology, child development, and family life.
Creativity Center
The Creativity Center offers elementary students a variety of activities such as construction toys, sewing, painting, upcycling, and arts and crafts.
Makerspace technology and materials allow students to complete projects such as green screen film making, coding projects, printing 3D models, and more.
Students learn programming, mechanical construction, and how to work with complex technology in fun, creative, and innovative ways.
Experiential learning
Gifts allow SAS to improve experiential programs and support program changes, materials, and additional resources.
Innovation interns
Innovation interns supported TRi Time students working with equipment in the library.
Classrooms Without Walls
Student learning extends beyond school experiences, and students build positive relationships and community with their homebase classmates.
SAS Rainforest
Restoration of our campus rainforest comprises dozens of transplanted trees as well as the nursery and watering systems.

Honor an Educator

A gift is just one of many ways to thank the dedicated professionals who have made a difference in your family’s experience at SAS. When you make your gift, please indicate whom your gift is in honor of and write them a personal note which we will share with the honoree. The gift amount is never disclosed to the honoree.

All Gifts, Regardless of Size, Make a Measurable Impact


can provide musical scores for IASAS


can provide materials for the creativity center


can provide student registration fees for
a local Model United Nations conference


can provide robotics parts


can provide funding for an intern to support
middle school TRi Time students


can provide a guest dance choreographer in middle school
or a guest musician in elementary school classes


can provide registration fees for a teacher learning conference

Other Ways to Give




We want to talk with you. Send us an email, give us a call, or stop by our office located just outside central administration.
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