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At Singapore American School there are many ways to give. We are grateful for gifts of time, talents, and money. Each gift is a unique building block added to our legacy of philanthropy. Your gift matters. Our school offers students a life changing experience that is only possible because of the countless gifts received over the past 60 years. We encourage you to continue this legacy of giving by finding your own way to contribute to our great community.


Extraordinary Care


Elementary School

Author Todd Parr gave grade level presentations to approximately 1,000 students from kindergarten through third grade classes, over a period of eight day

Middle School

New uniforms and ACSIS League membership fees allowed 34 SAS teams with over 500 middle school athletes to participate in the ACSIS League of interscholastic competition

High School

$20,000 in funding helped support over 40 high school service clubs, allowing students to focus on impact

Elementary School

Three Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Data Analysis positions supported the implementation work of personalizing learning in all divisions, including the elementary school

Middle School

Robotics expanded from one to three teams, kits and playfields were purchased, and two new programs were started, with an SAS middle school team qualifying for the VEXIQ world championship

High School

Marie-Christine Nibagwire spoke to 420 students on the Rwandan genocide, helping them consider the power of personal narrative, how environment influences values, and the complexities of international relations


Impact Reports

The generosity of the SAS community further enhances and enriches student learning, making for an exceptional SAS experience.


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Why We Give

We strongly believe that critical thinking skills and team collaboration are crucial parts of a child's development. We greatly appreciate that SAS has provided the opportunity for our children to grow and excel in these areas.

SAS prepared our children academically for the rigours of their current schools. But, perhaps more importantly, our children bring a much needed global perspective to their current seminar classes and academic work that was fostered at SAS.

Change is the only constant in the world and we are impressed that the focus at SAS is on equipping students with curiosity, resilience, and engagement to help them brave the evolving challenges of the future.

It is important for me to give back to SAS in any way I can. I want SAS to be here in the future and continue to breed students who are multi-talented, have a strong will to solve world problems, a creative mindset, and an international awareness in these challenging times.

The holistic learning experience that prepares our children for the future. We're glad that the onus is put on students to recognise and take advantage of the tremendous resources and opportunities at SAS.

Our family was inspired to support the SAS Foundation because we took the time to understand the needs and the impact of our gift. We learned that every child at SAS benefits from the foundation's support for support services, professional development for faculty, academic and experiential learning, service learning and many other uses.

For over 20 years, Yeap Transport has managed the school buses that bring our students from their homes to Singapore American School and back. Since founder Mr. William Yeap purchased his first bus to drive for Tanglin Trust School in 1973, Yeap Transport has built its business on good safety records and good customer service.

While SAS has a rigorous academic program that thoroughly challenged me, when I look back, what first comes to mind is all that I learned beyond the walls of the classroom.



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