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Our SAS high school athletes compete against local schools, community teams, and rivals in two leagues: ACSIS (Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools) and IASAS (Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools). Varsity teams compete in each season's culminating IASAS championships, community events that celebrate our most serious athletes' achievements. Since IASAS was founded in 1983, our Eagles have won over 250 gold medals. At SAS, athletic excellence is measured in student performance on and off the field; students train hard to compete while maintaining the integrity of the Eagle Way.


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With over 100 after-school clubs to choose from, students can explore their interests in a supportive and engaging atmosphere. All clubs at the high school level are student-designed and supervised by a faculty advisor who mentors and guides club participants. .


Contact Information

Justin Teves

High School Athletics Director

6360 6599

Tracy Van der Linden

High School Activities Director

6360 6598

Nattasha Jamaluddin

Activities and Athletics Secretary

6360 6597

Tomo Tanabe

Athletics Trainer

6360 6596

Rita Rasul

High School Athletics
Administrative Associate

6360 6397