Current Status

*Last updated on Tuesday, February 25, 2020. 

  • Please complete the travel declaration form here if your travel plans have changed since February 21.
  • Entry to campus is only allowed if you have your SASCard. Ensure that it is visible at all times.
  • All side gates will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. All weekend visitors must use the main gate.
  • Every person who enters campus must have their temperature checked. If your temperature was not taken at the main gate, parents may proceed to the PTA or Booster Booth to have their temperature taken. Additional temperature screening, sanitizing, and enhanced cleaning measures are in place. Students must have their temperature checked at home and demonstrate that by showing their temperature screening slip.
  • School-related trips will be reviewed 21 days before planned departure to determine the status of the trip.
  • The following school activities are canceled until further notice:
    • Assemblies
    • PTA International Fair 2020
  • Recess and lunch breaks: staggered within the usual time slot.
  • EAA: EAA activities will continue as scheduled.

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January 24, 2020: Announcement of the COVID-19 outbreak and guidelines set by Ministry of Health Singapore

At this time we will coordinate with the appropriate groups to reschedule or adjust the gathering sizes for the following community events where possible:

*Updated on February 25, 2020

The following events and activities are canceled until further notice:
  • PTA International Fair 2020
The following events and activities have been reorganized accordingly:
  • Elementary school Visiting Author assemblies: Gathering sizes adjusted
  • Recess and lunch breaks: Staggered within the usual time slots; additional seating locations to reduce crowding
  • Eagle Activities and Athletics (EAA): Please reach out to respective sponsors for updates
  • Clubs: Please reach out to respective sponsors for updates
The following events and activities will proceed as scheduled:
  • Parent coffees
  • Tom Boasberg's listening tour feedback
  • Campus upgrade session

The measures outlined below follow guidelines issued by the Singapore government for schools. In the interest of student and staff safety, we have implemented some additional measures based on consultations with medical professionals at International SOS, one of the leading international travel and health advisory firms. The DORSCON level was elevated from yellow to orange on February 7, 2020. We will now take the following additional steps:

Mandatory Temperature Checks

The first line of defence starts at home. Parents should take all of their family members’ temperature and keep their child at home if they are unwell.

  • This applies to helpers and guests too. Every person who comes onto campus will be required to have had a temperature check. If your temperature was not taken at the main gate, parents may proceed to the Booster Booth or PTA office to have their temperature taken.
  • Students must have their temperature checked at home and demonstrate that by showing their temperature screening slip. Please specify whether the temperature is taken in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Please print this card and cut off one of the slips to send with your child on Monday. If you are unable to print over the weekend, any paper with your child’s name, grade level, temperature, and parent signature will be satisfactory on Monday.
    • We will collect temperature slips from every student who enters campus beginning on Monday morning. We will have school leaders help collect the forms. If your child does not have a temperature slip filled out, they will need to have their temperature checked before attending class. We will have volunteers present to help conduct on-site temperature checks as needed.
  • Faculty and staff will be required to take their temperature twice a day and submit their temperature via this form. They will need to submit one temperature reading before coming to work and a second one after they return home in the evening, submitting the results electronically.
  • All other school employees will also be required to undergo temperature checks twice a day.
  • Temperature checks will continue to be conducted twice a day in the early learning center.

You will only be allowed entry to campus if you have your SASCard. We have instructed our security team to adhere strictly to this policy. Please remember to bring your SASCard when you come to campus. If you do not have your SASCard you will need to visit the Eagle Stop office on Monday. We will enforce this policy beginning Tuesday, February 11. Unregistered visitors will not be allowed on campus.

Vehicle Entry

Only vehicles with SAS decals will be allowed on campus. All taxis, Grab taxis and other rentals, and vehicles with no decals will need to drop off outside campus.

Entry on Weekends

All side gates will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. All weekend visitors must use the main gate.

Athletics and Co-curricular Activities

All athletics and co-curricular activities will be limited to SAS students. Consistent with the new government requirements, there will be no visiting teams permitted on campus and there will be no more off-campus sports games or field trips until at least the end of spring break in March.

Entry Restrictions
SAS reserves the right to deny entry to campus if the answer is “Yes” to any of the below:
  • Has travelled to China in the last 14 days.
  • Has family members traveling to or from Mainland China in the last 14 days.
  • Has a fever or exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory illness (cough, runny nose, sore throat, difficulty breathing).
  • Has a temperature reading of 37.6 Celsius / 99.7 Fahrenheit or higher.
  • Has had fever and/or medication in the last 48 hours.
Enhanced Screening and Hygiene Procedures

SAS will be taking periodic temperature checks on students throughout the school. To keep our nurses’ focus on these measures, non-critical medical issues will be handled at the respective elementary, middle, and high school offices. SAS will provide masks to our health workers and sick children who are in the offices and waiting to be collected.

SAS custodians have been disinfecting all entry surfaces—door handles, door knobs, staircase railings, regularly three times a day. 

Additionally, there will be hand sanitizers available in every classroom and public spaces such as libraries and cafeterias across campus. Educators will regularly remind students to wash their hands and use these sanitizers.

Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • All students who have traveled to mainland China anytime after January 13 must remain at home for a 14-day leave of absence, as set forth by the Singapore government. The 14 days begin on the day after the student returned from Mainland China.
  • In addition, all students who have family members living in their household who have traveled specifically to or from Mainland China anytime after January 13 must remain home until at least two weeks after that family member arrived in Singapore and has shown no signs of fever or respiratory illness.
  • All students who have a fever will be sent home immediately. If the student has not traveled in the last two weeks, the student may return to school after being fever free/symptom free for 48 hours—without the use of fever-reducing medication. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s health, please seek advice from your family doctor.
  • All students who have not traveled to China but have traveled to other countries outside of Singapore after January 13 and who also exhibit symptoms of a respiratory illness (e.g., cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, difficulty breathing) must receive clearance from a doctor before returning to class.

These precautions also apply to all adults, including educators, kitchen staff, and visiting parents.

For students who need to be away from the classroom for any length of time we ask you to contact your teacher to receive the necessary instruction and assignments. We know that it is difficult to be away from school and we will work hard to support you during this interval away from school.

Lunch and Recess

In each of our divisions, we have created new structures to help us maintain smaller group sizes as we conduct our daily activities.

  • In elementary school, the early learning center (ELC) students continue to have lunches and snacks in the classroom setting. We have reduced the number of K-2 students within the lunchrooms by splitting grade levels into two serving groups. This means half the students go to the playground first while the other half go to the lunchroom. This ensures we can spread students out more within each area. In grades 3-5, students who bring their lunch from home eat in their classrooms, thus reducing the number of students in the lunchroom. Teachers ensure students wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizers.
  • In middle school, we have limited numbers in the library at lunch and recess. We are grateful to the elementary school for moving one of their grade level lunches to reduce crowding in the cafeteria. Large team meetings, assemblies, and performances have been postponed. Teachers are also moving students through the hallways to reduce congestion.
  • In high school, we have been working closely with students, faculty, and parent leaders over the past few days. Together, we identified ways to modify our bell schedule, to reformat assemblies, to re-distribute cafeteria and library seating, and to increase the available locations to obtain food. These changes go into effect on Monday, and the high school leadership team will be in touch this weekend with high school students and parents to provide detailed information.
Student Travel

All student travel, both in Singapore and outside of Singapore, will be canceled until the end of March. We recognize this impacts IASAS and Cultural Convention in high school. We are working with the IASAS schools to coordinate potential virtual alternatives where possible. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Do you have additional questions not mentioned in the FAQ below? Please share them with our community engagement director, Dr. Leigh Martin.

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