A Warm Welcome

The PTA supports our families as they experience the transitions often associated with international school life. Whether families are arriving, leaving, or staying, the PTA is a source of strength and support, knowledge, experience, and a place where many of our families find lifelong friends.

There are many ways to give back to our community and the PTA hosts a variety of events throughout the year where our parent volunteers have the opportunity to contribute to the fun, friendship, and festivities.

The PTA office is a welcoming place to hang out, grab a coffee, and catch up with friends. Throughout the year it is also the place to stock up on used books, and other fun merchandise. If you can’t make it on campus to visit, swing by the online shop and pick up anything you need from wherever your travels have taken you.

many ways to contribute


As a first-time parent, I want to be involved in my daughter's school life. In the process, I found a community of strong, dedicated parents whom I can rely on for advice. The PTA makes it easy to volunteer by providing so many avenues to contribute. All you have to do is raise your hand and we will find you something to do.

Manaswi JHala, SAS PARENT

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