Lemonade Stand

In an exponentially changing world, we believe its more important than ever to empower our children to reach their potential and take advantage of the unique opportunities that today's business and digital landscape presents.

SAS is proud to host Lemonade Stand: the business school for kids. Lemonade Stand is a 2 day business building and entrepreneurship program from Australia for 9-12 year olds. The program teaches design thinking, business fundamentals, a fail fast (and learn) mindset, how to prototype business ideas, and culminates in a pitch session to family and friends!

Each topic is accompanied by interactive exercises to help your kids understand the concepts being taught. There are also plenty of breakout activities throughout to break up the day.


  • Understanding the business fundamentals
  • Defining a product
  • Finding who your customers are
  • How to work out cost/profit/pricing
  • Marketing and branding products
  • Lean Methodology basics: pivoting, jobs and gathering insights
  • Types of innovation

  • Startup/business model building
  • Design thinking basics
  • How to validate ideas
  • Types of prototypes
  • Pitching, and how to form your elevator pitch
  • Build Website
  • Mobile App Prototypes