Community Sports and Activities

Singapore American School Community Sports and Activities (CSA) offers programs for SAS and non-SAS students from elementary to high school. All CSA programs take place on Singapore American School's campus.

Season Dates for 2018-19

Season 1

September 3 – November 9

Season 2

November 19 – February 15

*Season 2 breaks from December 24 – January 13

Season 3

February 25 – June 1

CSA Programs

Off-Site Partners

CSA has formed partnerships with vendors for programs that are not or cannot be offered on SAS' campus. Partners have been chosen by the quality of their programs and alignment with SAS' philosophical approach. Please contact vendors directly for program information.

Payment Voucher System

SAS is pleased to announce a new payment system for on-campus private coaching sessions. In the past, parents and coaches organized all aspects of such coaching privately, and these cash-based agreements bypassed school oversight and government regulations. To standardize and legalize such arrangements, SAS is instituting a voucher-based payment system for all CSA and other school-contracted sports coaches who offer private coaching sessions. Coaches and parents will be obligated to adhere to this new payment system, while continuing to set costs and other details privately.

How will the system work?

  • Parents may buy vouchers in S$10 and S$50 denominations at the Booster Booth or order them online. To cover GST (7 percent), CPF contributions (17 percent), and other costs, these vouchers will cost parents S$11 and S$55 respectively.
  • Vouchers will be in paper form only.
  • Vouchers ordered online may be picked up at the Booster Booth.
  • Vouchers will be non-refundable and for the current school year only.
  • Parents pay for private lessons with vouchers—no cash payments.
  • Coaches turn in vouchers to SAS and receive the face value of each voucher (S$10 or S$50) in their monthly SAS paychecks.
  • Coaches’ earnings from private sessions are automatically reported to the government, fulfilling SAS and employee income reporting obligations.
  • SAS pays GST and CPF costs out of the 10 percent surcharge paid by parents, fulfilling government tax and pension fund requirements.


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