A Legacy of Victory

Athletes compete not only with local schools and community teams, but also rival Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS) teams. IASAS championships are held each year for 12 different varsity sports. Since IASAS was founded in 1983, our Eagles have won over 250 gold medals. At SAS athletic excellence is measured in both performance on and off the field. Students train hard to compete while maintaining the integrity of the ultimate sportsman.

The Eagle Way

We invite you to join us in representing “The Eagle Way!"

At SAS we believe our student-athletes learn a great deal by participating in interscholastic athletics, and we constantly strive toward the goal of the "well-rounded individual." Grit, ownership, determination, perseverance, achievement, sportsmanship, teamwork, and communication are but a few of the valuable lessons that can be attained through athletic participation, the building of self-esteem and self-confidence are ongoing processes during practice and competition throughout at a season.

By providing a variety of athletic experiences for student-athletes, our program helps students develop important habits and attitudes that prepare them for adult life.

Additionally, athletic competition naturally fosters school spirit and develops pride in the school and community for participants, students, and spectators. Consequently student-athletes and coaches are expected to exhibit the highest level of conduct, both on and off the playing fields, as they are representatives of their team, school and community.

Indeed, student-athletes and coaches are expected to demonstrate proper respect for one another, opponents, opposing coaches, teachers, officials, spectators and the community. Competitive athletics provide excellent opportunities to teach our student-athletes the virtue and significance of the SAS core values:

Compassion - Fairness - Honesty - Respect - Responsibility

We call the modeling of these core values whilst in the pursuit of excellence: The Eagle Way.

Student-athletes are selected for varsity, junior varsity, or freshman teams based on their demonstrated abilities. Our numerous programs are designed to accommodate as many students as possible.

The goal of all varsity teams at SAS is to win. There is a distinction between this and “win at all costs.” Our aim at the varsity level is to win the game while demonstrating the Eagle Way. It is when the stakes are highest that the Eagle Way is most visible or most absent. We aspire to demonstrate the Eagle Way while we perform on the biggest stage. This is true for our student-athletes, our coaches, our administrators and our parents. We set these high expectations of ourselves in order to challenge ourselves to be better.

Students who choose to participate in SAS athletics at any level are making a choice that requires self-discipline, sacrifice, grit and ownership. Parents, siblings, friends are also asked to make sacrifices as a result of a student’s participation in SAS athletics. Sometimes this takes the form of foregoing parties, early morning practices, uniform purchases, and housing foreign guests for IASAS events. All stakeholders must be aware that participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right. The privilege of being an Eagle must be earned every day.

We take great pride in our athletic program. We invite you to become an integral member of our athletic family. We believe that student-athletes are role models for our entire community. We are diligent in upholding the Eagle Way.

Go Eagles!


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We are Eagles

interscholastic association of southeast asia schools (IASAS)

Compete at the highest level with athletes from across southeast asia

The Eagle Way

Our athletes hold themselves to a higher standard both on and off the field

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Inspired to be Better


Ms. Mimi Molchan inspired thousands of athletes like myself to become better students and better people by encouraging us to always remain respectful to everyone, no matter the outcome.

Blair Berg (Class of 2002)