EAA Policies

Code of Conduct

Please remember, participation in after-school activities is considered a privilege, not a right. Students who repeatedly misbehave and do not practice the SAS core values during activities can be dismissed from an activity without a refund.

  • Singapore American School disciplinary infractions may result in consequences for participation in Eagle Activities and Athletics.
  • Eagle Activities and Athletics disciplinary infractions may be reported to Singapore American School Divisional Administration and can result in further disciplinary action taken by the school.

Registration Procedures

Registration is online via the CHQ registration system and will be carried out in two phases:

Phase One: Initial choices and class assignment by ballot.

  • During phase one, parents can select up to five activity preferences for their children. Parents may change their selections up until the close of this phase.
  • After phase one closes, the CHQ system will assign classes for children based on their selected preferences.
  • At the end of phase one, children will be assigned a maximum of two of these selections.

Phase Two: Additional choices on a first come, first served basis.

  • During phase two, parents can make additional activity choices for their children subject to class availability.
  • Payment for all activity choices should be made at this time.
  • Specific registration deadlines for each term will be published in the eNews and on the MySAS portal.
  • While there are no limits placed on the number of activities parents can enroll their children in, parents should recognize their children's limitations and potential to be overstretched. We advise limiting younger students to a few activities per week, especially at the start of the year.
  • Most activities are only one season long and curriculum typically repeats each season. Please read all course descriptions carefully.
  • Where appropriate minimum and maximum student enrollment is listed with each activity description.
  • Parents who would like to double check their EAA class enrollments can log back into the CHQ system to confirm allocations.
  • Preferred method of payment is via PayPal online.
  • There will be no switches (transfers to different after-school programs or days) after you have registered and paid.
  • There will be no make up classes for missed days due to illness, weather, appointments, etc.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

  • No refunds are permitted with the following exceptions; families who are relocating or long term injuries.
  • Long-term injury refunds will be determined on a case-by-case scenario. Please contact the EAA office directly.

Payment Voucher System

SAS is pleased to announce a new payment system for on-campus private coaching sessions. In the past, parents and coaches organized all aspects of such coaching privately, and these cash-based agreements bypassed school oversight and government regulations. To standardize and legalize such arrangements, SAS is instituting a voucher-based payment system for all CSA and other school-contracted sports coaches who offer private coaching sessions. Coaches and parents will be obligated to adhere to this new payment system, while continuing to set costs and other details privately.

How will the system work?

  • Parents may buy vouchers in S$10 and S$50 denominations at the Booster Booth or order them online. To cover GST (7 percent), CPF contributions (17 percent), and other costs, these vouchers will cost parents S$11 and S$55 respectively.
  • Vouchers will be in paper form only.
  • Vouchers ordered online may be picked up at the Booster Booth.
  • Vouchers will be non-refundable and for the current school year only.
  • Parents pay for private lessons with vouchers—no cash payments.
  • Coaches turn in vouchers to SAS and receive the face value of each voucher (S$10 or S$50) in their monthly SAS paychecks.
  • Coaches’ earnings from private sessions are automatically reported to the government, fulfilling SAS and employee income reporting obligations.
  • SAS pays GST and CPF costs out of the 10 percent surcharge paid by parents, fulfilling government tax and pension fund requirements.

Private Lesson Voucher Purchase

Bus Policies

  • A kindergarten to second grade child who is registered to ride the activity bus will be escorted by an activity leader or instructional assistant from the EAA class to the loading zone. The child will be checked on the bus by an elementary school instructional assistant. This instructional assistant will ride the bus with the children to each of the designated stops, and help them alight at the correct stop.
  • Siblings or undesignated adults should not meet bus riders.
  • Parents are expected to email at eaainfo@sas.edu.sg or call the EAA office at 6360 6795 before 2:00 p.m. to report their child’s absence.
  • Parents who wish to pick up their kindergarten to second grade child instead of riding the activity bus on any day should email the EAA office at eaainfo@sas.edu.sg or call 6360 6795 before 2:00 p.m. to notify us of this arrangement. 
  • Parents who are picking up their kindergarten to second grade child before boarding the activity bus at school should wait for the child in front of the kindergarten group room and inform the instructional assistant that the child will not be riding the bus on that particular day.
  • Bus service for early learning center students is not available. All preschool and pre-kindergarten students in EAA activities must be picked up directly from their activity.
  • For more information regarding the after-school activity bus service visit www.yeaptpt.com or contact Yeap Transport via email at sas@yeaptpt.com or call +65 6360 6770.

Daily Operations

  • All children will be checked in at the designated cafeteria for their activity. Kindergarten to second grade students will be escorted by their classroom IAs. Third to fifth grade students will be responsible for making their own way to their designated check in point. Cafeteria supervision before classes start is provided until activity leaders or coaches pick up their students.
  • It is recommended that all students participating in an outdoor activity wear a hat and apply sun cream.
  • All students participating in an intramural activity will receive an Eagle Way shirt. Students will receive one shirt per academic year, not per season.
  • Most kindergarten through second grade students will be picked up at 4:15 p.m. from the elementary cafeteria unless designated otherwise by the program instructor or ride the 4:30 p.m. activity bus. Parents should wait outside the elementary cafeteria. Students will wait for their parents inside the cafeteria with adult supervision provided until a parent arrives.
  • By special request, kindergarten through second grade students who live in the Woodlands area will be permitted to walk home with written parental permission. Parental permission should be submitted via email at eaainfo@sas.edu.sg. Grade three through grade five students may walk home, be picked up, or ride one of the afternoon activity buses (4:30 p.m. or 6:15 p.m.).
  • Third to fifth grade students in activities that start at 3:15 p.m., can wait for their parents in the elementary school foyer by the nurse's office after 4:15 p.m.
  • In activities that start at 3:15 p.m., parents are expected to pick up their children by 4:25 p.m. 
  • Younger siblings or undesignated adults (e.g. taxi drivers) will not be allowed to pick up kindergarten through grade two students.
  • Parents are required to notify the EAA office via eaainfo@sas.edu.sg authorizing another adult to pick up their kindergarten through grade two children.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to contact the Yeap Bus Office at 6360 6770 to arrange for the activity bus after confirmed enrollment in an EAA class.
  • Parents are expected to notify the EAA office by email at eaainfo@sas.edu.sg or by phone at 6360 6795 if their child will be absent from their class.

Early Learning Center Daily Operations (for Season Two and Three)

From 1:30 p.m.

  • Your pre-kindergarten child's classroom teacher will be informed of your child's after-school activities (e.g. class name and day of the week)
  • All pre-kindergarten children registered for after-school activities will be walked by their teachers to the designated pick-up area in the ELC atrium to meet their after-school teacher/after-school instructional assistant.
  • Supervision is provided from the moment your child leaves his/her classroom until after-school dismissal. 
  • After-school assistants and instructors can help your child get ready for his/her after-school activity (e.g. help with ballet shoes, leotards, karate uniform, etc).

Activity Dismissal

  • Pre-kindergarten students must be picked up from their after-school activities as follows:
    • Karate for Little Ones / Pre-K Ballet / Pre-K Hip Hop Dance / Pre-K Creative Dance - High School Theater Studio at 2:45 p.m.
    • All Pre-K soccer groups / All Pre-K tennis groups will be escorted back to the ELC Atrium after the lesson ends at 2:30 p.m. Please allow time for the walk back to the ELC from the North Field (Soccer) and the HS Tennis Courts.

Dress Code Recommendations

  • Students may participate in EAA activities in their school or PE uniforms but are welcome to change into clothing and footwear appropriate for the activity. Students in sports activities must wear appropriate sports footwear (running shoes), not hard sole or dress shoes.
  • Parents are advised to send hats and sun cream with students who are participating in outdoor activities.
  • Unless specified by the activity coach, there are no requirements for students to wear/use sport specific gear. Parental discretion is advised with respect to the use of cleats, shin guards, mouth guards, etc. When needed, coaches may advise participants on what additional equipment they should have.