8U Coach Pitch Baseball Rules

Unless superseded by these 8U baseball rules, the 2020 Little League (LL) Rules are in effect.

The length of the practice time and game time: There will be a 30-minute practice immediately before each game where Eagle professional coaches will assist parent coaches. Game time limit is one hour. The last inning is the inning in which the game time limit has been reached. There will be no more additional innings of play. The umpire is responsible for keeping time and notifying the coaches when the last inning has been reached.

Everyone in the team’s roster present for the game bats, everyone plays the field. Each team will change from offense (batting) to defense (fielding) after three (3) outs have been recorded or after all the offense players (Batters) have batted once through their entire order. Note: in the last inning in which the game time limit has been reached, each team will bat until three (3) outs have been recorded, or the all players in the batting order have batted. Games will end in a win, loss or tie. There will be no tiebreakers

Batters will be pitched to by a coach.
Coach can stand (or kneel) and “must” pitch overhand at a safe distance of at least 20 feet from home plate at which an accurate pitch can be delivered. NOTE: While delivering a pitch, arm position should be at where a flat trajectory can be achieved. If the Batter reaches six (6) pitches, or four (4) strikes whichever comes first, there is a change of hitter, but no out is recorded. Outs are only recorded on defensive plays from the opposing team in the field.

Only five (5) players (including the pitcher) are allowed in the “infield” area.
Note: Before a ball is hit, the child in the pitcher’s position must be inside the pitcher’s “circle” area (a real or imaginary 5 – foot diameter circle). The catcher position will be a coach/parent, and the player designated as catcher will be placed in safe position at the coach’s discretion – remember safety. The player catcher in this situation will make the defensive plays at the plate. There are no limits to the number of outfielders placed on the field.

There is no stealing of bases: Runners are allowed to leave the base once “contact” has been made with the ball.

Runners cannot advance from 3rd base on a pass ball by the catcher

After a ball is hit fair, play will continue until a defense player has the ball in his possession while on the pitching circle or standing on home plate. The player may also raise the ball into the air to signal his desire to end the play.
Umpire(s) will then call “time” and if needed place the runners at their correct base. (Next base forward if the runner is more than halfway to the next base.)

On any attempted play at a base, the runners may advance on an overthrow situation. The runners run at their own risk, and only 1 base. If the ball goes out of play, 1 base is awarded.

Coaches will be allowed on the field during games. This is a good opportunity for further instruction.

Batter will be given ONE WARNING for throwing his bat, after which the player will be called out.

No infield fly rules.

No bunting.


  • - The coaches will jointly decide on any rules that are not specifically covered.
  • - Field dimensions: Distance that the coach-pitcher feels is safe and at which an accurate pitch can be delivered); 60 feet between bases.

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