Space Availability and Waitpool Procedures

SAS strives to offer an exemplary American educational experience with an international perspective to all who are likely to benefit and wish to join. The school’s admissions policies and waitpool procedures reflect this mission. 
The school greatly values the diversity of its students’ backgrounds and experiences, including diversity of national backgrounds.  Students who are American citizens receive the highest priority in our admissions process, and we seek to include a wide diversity of nationalities in our student body. Since our founding, more than half of our student body has been composed of American citizens, which continues to be a goal of the school.

Applications and Priority Lanes

Application submission is not a guarantee of admission and, before applying and paying your family’s non-refundable application fee(s), we encourage all families to read the information below. Please contact the admissions office with any additional questions you may have regarding the likelihood of space availability for your family.

Priority Lanes: In grades or programs for which there are more applications than spaces available, admissible applicants will be placed in a lane and offered enrollment in accordance to the following priority groupings:

Lane 1 US citizens and Green Card holders
Lane 2 Non-US citizens working for an American company
Lane 3 Applicants currently attending an international school
Lane 4 All other applicants

Additional Priority Considerations: In grades or programs for which there are more applications than spaces available, admissible applicants with enrolled siblings will be given higher priority within their SAS Priority Lane.  The following applicants may also be offered specialized SAS Priority Lane Status: 

• Children of SAS employees
• Applicants who are returning students 
• Applicants of alumni parents 
• Applicants who hold passports from underrepresented regions of the world


SAS is currently accepting/reviewing completed applications for School Year (SY) 2024–25. To learn more about current and predicted space availability click below. 

Guaranteed Placement Program

Companies or individuals who wish to offer one or more qualified applicants a next available placement at SAS have the option of using the Guaranteed Placement Program.

This program moves students who have already met the standard SAS admissions requirements to the front of the admissions queue in Lane One in the applicant's grade when sponsored by a company or individual through the Guaranteed Placement Program. A limited number of these seats are available each year. Please request additional information for this program by contacting us at