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Our admissions team strive to provide the very best experience for applicant families, wanting each family to be well-known and well-served. Connect with your admissions officer today who will assist you through the application process.
Note: For families applying for multiple children, please select the representative based on the grade level of your oldest child.


For preschool and pre-kindergarten


For kindergarten to fourth grade


For fifth to eighth grade


For ninth to twelfth grade

How to Apply

Please note that peak seasons are October to December for January enrollment and February to May for August enrollment.


Prior to submitting an application please check space availability here. Please reach out to your admissions officer before applying to discuss space availability if you have one of the following applicant attributes:
  • Singaporean Citizens or dual citizens with Singapore and another nationality
  • Non-native English speakers for whom the English as an Additional Language (ELL) program may be required—for first to third grade applicants only. SAS does not have an ELL program for students beyond third grade

3-Step Application Process

STEP 1: Submit the application form online.
a. The application form will introduce your family to admissions.
b. The application is considered complete when all required materials are submitted from the checklist.
STEP 2: Pay the non-refundable application fee.
a. Log-in details will be sent to your email after you submit the initial details on your child's application form.
b. Fee submission will secure the applicant in a priority lane pending completion of step 3. 
STEP 3: Complete the application requirements checklist.
a. Only complete applications are reviewed for admissions consideration.
b. Your application is only deemed complete once you have submitted all of the required checklist documents.

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Thank you for your interest at Singapore American School! We look forward to receiving your application and getting to know you through our admission process.

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NOTE: Applicants should be aware that all parents at Singapore American School must agree to the SAS Data Protection Policy which outlines how we collect, use, disclose, and take care of personal data that is shared with us.

The Pursuit of Passion


For 12 years SAS has raised me. The friends I made nurtured my optimistic personality, the outstanding teachers and academic rigor powered my intellectual curiosity, and the extracurricular programs encouraged me to pursue my passions. No matter where I am in the world, SAS will always be the place I call home.

Jeane Khang (Class of 2016)