Joining the SAS Community

Singapore American School welcomes applications from qualified, diverse students throughout the calendar year. Our staff can help you decide the optimal time to apply. We build an applicant pool with a purpose in order to include a good flow of opportunities for a wide range of applicants. We attract applicants who love what SAS does for children and who are inspired by our vision. If that's you, we'd love to talk. We work with every inquiry and applicant to help them gauge when admission might be possible.

Step by Step

How It Works

Your child will immediately enter our applicant pool when you submit your application form and non-refundable application fee. This will give you a secure position in a given priority lane while you complete the other requirements of the process. The application has a two-year life span. Parents find this helpful for planning, strategy, and options that are unique to SAS admission. Only good standing applications will be reviewed once we receive all the required documentation. Admission is privilege and we carefully review for best fit.

Acceptance to SAS means a lot. In some cases, it can be very challenging for us to find a coveted place for a child at SAS. For others, SAS is simply not optimal. Thank you for your patience while we take time to carefully consider each application. SAS is invested in seeing how we might serve your child with integrity in the best possible learning environment.

SAS Grade Groupings and Comparisons to Other Systems

Many of our applicants transfer from different school systems in search of something more at SAS. It can be helpful to visualize how our divisions (grade groupings) work on the basis of age, as a reference point. In preschool, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten our initial grade assignments are made by birth date, so that our youngest learners receive the gift of time and age appropriate foundations. From first grade onwards, assignment to a grade level is generally based on previous school records and placement testing when required, within the general age requirements we’ve developed below.

Strictly for general comparison, the following are the approximate entry ages for most students at the Singapore American School:


Early Learning Division

Division and Grade at SAS In other systems, It is known as Age Level at SAS

Singapore - Nursery two
UK - Nursery
Australia - Nursery

Age three by September 1

Singapore - Kindergarten one
UK - Reception
Australia - Preschool

Age four by September 1

Elementary School Division

Division and Grade at SAS In other systems, It is known as Age Level at SAS

Singapore - Kindergarten two
UK - Year one
Australia - Prep

Age five by September 1

First to second grade
Singapore - Primary one to two
UK - Year two to three
Australia - Year one to two

Age six to seven by September 1

Third to fifth grade
Singapore - Primary three to five
UK - Year four to six
Australia - Year three to five

Age eight to 10 by September 1

Middle School Division

Division and Grade at SAS In other systems, It is known as Age Level at SAS

Sixth to eighth grade
Singapore - Primary six to secondary two
UK - Year seven to nine
Australia - Year six to eight

Age 11 to 13 by September 1

High School Division

Division and Grade at SAS In other systems, It is known as Age Level at SAS

Ninth to twelfth grade
Singapore - Secondary three to junior college two
UK - Year 10 to Year 13
Australia - Year nine to 12

Age 14 to 18 by September 1

Application Timeline

Depending on how far in advance you are applying and what priority lane your child is assigned, the admissions process and timeline will vary. August entry is the best opportunity to start at SAS and we start the school year with a full house. We work on a rolling admissions basis and therefore based on the number of withdrawals, we admit an additional cohort of students at the start of second semester in January and where possible throughout the year in select grades.

Optimal Application Periods

Best COnsideration
September 1* (or earlier**) – February 1

*For applicants in Priority Lane 1
**For applicants in Priority Lanes 2-4
Usual COnsideration
February 2 – May 1

Late COnsideration
May 2 – September 1

Priority Lanes

Lane 1
US citizens and Green Card holders
Lane 2
Non-US citizens working for an American company
Lane 3
Applicants already attending an international school
Lane 4
All other applicants

Meet Your Admissions Officer

Our admissions team strive to provide the very best experience for applicant families, wanting each family to be well-known and well-served. Connect with your admissions officer today who will assist you through the application process.
Note: For families applying for multiple children, please select the representative based on the grade level of your oldest child.


For preschool and pre-kindergarten


For kindergarten to fourth grade


For fifth to eighth grade


For ninth to twelfth grade

How to Apply

Please note that peak seasons are October to December for January enrollment and February to May for August enrollment.


Prior to submitting an application please check space availability here. Please reach out to your admissions officer before applying to discuss space availability if you have one of the following applicant attributes:
  • Singaporean Citizens or dual citizens with Singapore and another nationality
  • Non-native English speakers for whom the English as an Additional Language (ELL) program may be required—for first to third grade applicants only. SAS does not have an ELL program for students beyond third grade

3-Step Application Process

STEP 1: Submit the application form online.
a. The application form will introduce your family to admissions.
b. The application is considered complete when all required materials are submitted from the checklist.
STEP 2: Pay the non-refundable application fee.
a. Log-in details will be sent to your email after you submit the initial details on your child's application form.
b. Fee submission will secure the applicant in a priority lane pending completion of step 3. 
STEP 3: Complete the application requirements checklist.
a. Only complete applications are reviewed for admissions consideration.
b. Your application is only deemed complete once you have submitted all of the required checklist documents.

Guaranteed Placement Program

Companies or individuals who wish to offer one or more qualified applicants a next available placement at SAS have the option of using the Guaranteed Placement Program. This program moves students who have already met the standard SAS admissions requirements to the front of the admissions queue in the applicant's grade when sponsored by a company or individual through the Guaranteed Placement Program. A limited number of these seats are available each year.

One of the best


Singapore American School is one of the best schools in the world. The teachers are passionate and professional educators. They know each kid well and work hard to help them improve. Though it's a large school we feel like a small cosy school. We have strong support from the counselors. The students take study seriously but are not overly competitive. They help and respect each other. Every day my kids go to school with a big smile.

Junko Najima, SAS PARENT