How to Apply SAS

Prior to submitting an application, please read our entry requirements here and check space availability here.

Applications are non-refundable and must be submitted online.

Step 1 

Submit online application form

  • The application form will introduce your family to admissions
  • Once your application form has been submitted, application fee payment information will automatically be made available
  • An SAS application remains active for two years and can be submitted at any time.
  • SAS enrolls preschool to grade eighth students throughout the year, subject to space availability; students for grades nine to twelfth must arrive in time for the start of the new semester: August or January
  • Spaces for semester one, August-December, are offered beginning in March and spaces for semester two, January to June, are offered beginning in October

Step 2 

Pay the non-refundable application fee

  • Information regarding how to immediately pay your child’s non-refundable application fee will appear automatically following your application form submission. Log-in details will also be sent to your email box should you wish to make your child’s application payment at a later date
  • The date of your child’s application fee submission will be recorded as your child’s official date of application received. Submitting your child’s application form and fee as early as possible is likely to improve your child’s chance of admission
  • Once your child’s application fee has been submitted, application completion checklist information will automatically be made available

Step 3 

Complete the application for consideration

  • A checklist regarding documents and information required to complete your child’s application will be automatically available following your application fee submission
  • Complete all items on your child’s application checklist including the submission of any supplemental materials that may be requested
  • Only completed applications can be reviewed for admissions consideration 
  • Completing your child’s application as early as possible is likely to improve your child’s chance of admission

Application Timeline

Enrollment Entry Date Accepting Application Forms and Payments Accepting Checklist Items (School reports & Recommendation  Forms) for Application Completion  Release of available spaces/Offers to Enroll*
Semester One: August  Up to two years in advance of a family’s intended entry date From January 1 of entry year

Lane 1: from Mid-February of entry year 

Lanes 2-4: from mid-March of entry year
Semester Two:
Up to two years in advance of a family’s intended entry date From October 1 prior to entry year

Lane 1: from early October prior to entry year 

Lanes 2-4: from late October prior to entry year
Immediate Enrollment/Current Semester Ongoing Ongoing N/A

* Admissibility and Waitpool Procedures:

  • Should an applicant be determined inadmissible, the family will be contacted as soon as possible.  All other admissible applicants will be placed in a waitpool until space is available to offer. To learn more about waitpool procedures, SAS’s Priority Lane System and current/predicted space availability throughout the admissions season click here.

  • The applications of waitpooled applicants remain active for two years beginning on the family’s application fee receipt date. The applications of admissible applicants who were not offered enrollment in time for their family’s intended entry date, will be rolled forward for future consideration. 

  • Applications are non-refundable and should a waitpooled applicant not be offered enrollment after two years, it will be necessary for their family to apply in full, once again

  • Although space may become available to offer to a waitpooled family at any time throughout the school year, the greatest amount of new space for semester one becomes available as we near mid-March and again in early-June and, for semester two, as we near mid-October.    

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