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Personalize Your Learning

Singapore American School gives students possibilities like never before with personalized learning paths, new course offerings, and opportunities to discover the intersection of their passions and purpose. Students at SAS find their true selves rather than letting a system define who they can become and how far they can go.

10 Reasons to Join SAS

Inspiring Teachers

Our qualified teachers also stay for an average of seven years, one of the highest retention rates in international schools.

Outstanding Student Results

We don’t just claim your kids will get a top-notch education, we prove it.

Extraordinary Care

Research is clear. The student-teacher relationship has the greatest impact on student learning, even beyond curriculum.

Top University Admission

Top-notch academics combined with an experienced team of high school counselors help students navigate the process of selecting and applying to best-fit universities.

Tried and True History

For almost six decades, SAS has transformed the real-life stories of more than 20,000 students and alumni worldwide.

Trust School

SAS is not backed by a company or accountable to shareholders. We are a true community school.

World-Class Facilities

We won the jackpot when Singapore offered us our beautiful 36-acre campus.

Committed to Innovation

The world is changing, and SAS is responding. We are researching innovative ways to prepare students for the future and implementing revolutionary flexibility to make that possible.

Personalized Learning

At SAS, we offer high levels of challenge and support to fit a wide variety of learning styles, reflecting the world students will eventually work in and lead.

American Spirit

The heart of an American education has everything to do with options, choices, and possibilities.

Daily Eagle

Singapore American School has a reputation for having some of the best educators in the world. We pride ourselves on the quality of our faculty and with all this talent in one place we want to give parents, students, and fellow educators a chance to peek inside our classrooms and see what really happens here.

Daily Eagle: Gabe Haydu

Mr. Gabe Haydu is a fifth grade teacher originally from California who came to Singapore American School in 2015.


Daily Eagle: Kris Munden

Mr. Kris Munden is a sixth grade teacher at Singapore American School who taught with Teach for America before coming to join our faculty. He is a mathematician with a ton of energy, an infectious laugh, and the drive to help every student become better at math.


Daily Eagle: Vicky Colorado

Ms. Vicky Colorado is a high school teacher at Singapore American School who worked in both business and law before deciding to take on the classroom. She is energetic, exciting, and works hard to build meaningful relationships with her students.


Home of the Eagles

In a country where space is a commodity, Singapore American School offers students room to explore, enjoy, and be inspired by beautiful natural greenery. Our campus is one reason current families and many visitors often remark that “there is a special feeling at SAS.”

36-acre campus
3 cafeterias, libraries, auditoriums and swimming pools
air-conditioned rock climbing wall
1,000-seat stadium
art wings with in-house kilns, and photography, film and graphic art studios
2-acre natural forest
5 air-conditioned gymnasiums
1 outdoor high ropes course

A Sense of Belonging


The single school year our family spent at SAS was far too short and much too full to be described in a couple of sentences. We were warmly welcomed by the faculty and the SAS families, and it didn’t take more than a week to feel we truly belonged. The community here, along with the magnificent opportunities for learning and growth is incomparable.

Suzy Garrett, SAS PARENT

Join The SAS Family


I’m still exploring.


I'm ready to learn more.


I want to be an Eagle.