Summer Semester Sessions One and Two

Sessions One and Two

Sessions one and two of our Summer Semester program focus on the whole child, and present learning opportunities in three distinct categories: intellectual curiosity, creative expression, and sports and wellness.

Intellectual Curiosity

Stimulate your mind by engaging in challenging academic courses and projects. Courses are designed for deep intellectual exploration accompanied by authentic projects developed by students in their areas of passion and interest. Learners will ask and answer questions: discovering relevant and significant information on a range of academic topics.

Creative Expression

Bring your inner artist alive in multiple ways. The creative process is an excellent way to develop the brain and have fun at the same time. Learners can explore new areas of creativity or develop in areas that are already fun and familiar to them.

Sports and Wellness

Maximize your body and mind through physical activity and sports. Through a selection of team sports and individual activities, the Summer Semester provides an opportunity for you to pursue activities and sports of interest.

World Leading Partners

Singapore American School partners with world leaders, in a variety of fields, to offer leading edge programs not available elsewhere in Singapore. These partners have designed exclusive programs for the SAS Summer Semester student. Students participating in these programs will receive a certificate of participation from the partnering organizations.

Summer Semester Partners include:
  • Columbia University Business School
  • Stanford University Pre-Collegiate Studies in association with V-Campus
  • TS College Tours

Entering Grades 2017-18

Early Learning Center

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

Elementary School

Kindergarten – Grade 5

Middle School

Grades 6 – 8

High School

Grades 9 – 12

Summer Semester Highlights

Important Information About Summer Semester

Fun, Low-Pressure Environment

For slightly older kids, SAS is offering an expansive two-week Chinese immersion program for both elementary and middle school students. What better way is there for kids to hone their language skills and improve interpersonal communication than in this fun, low-pressure environment?


Summer Semester Experiences

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