Jumpstart: Middle School

Middle school students will have a daily core pathway course, in which they will actively engage in a rich learning environment key to success in the field of choice. This course will serve to broaden their understanding of the themes of their chosen field, creating a knowledge base from which to build their project idea.

Once they have chosen an interdisciplinary pathway, students will embark on a personalized inquiry process culminating in an authentic real world product and a public presentation of their process and product.

During their personalized inquiry process students will develop the rigorous skills required to succeed within the SAS environment. Students will have real-time support of expert SAS faculty who will guide their learning by providing targeted teaching – responsive to student needs.

The Four Pathways

Technology/Media Workshops

Students in this pathway will become familiar with a variety of tools including:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • iMovie

Writing Workshops

Students will hone their writing skills as they learn about things like:

  • How can I outline my thinking?
  • What are claims?
  • How to synthesize research and make it your own unique work.

Research Workshops

Conducting research is a valuable life skill. This path will help students learn things like:

  • What is a good source?
  • How to cite works you use in a paper.
  • How to use the middle school database and library.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is a crucial skill for students and adults. Students in this path will learn about things like:

  • Voice and effective presentation skills
  • How to write an effective email
  • How to pitch your ideas

Sample Schedule

9:00 a.m.Advisory
9:20 a.m.Pathway Course
11:00 a.m.Personal Project / Workshop / Bootcamp
12:30 p.m.Lunch
1:15 p.m.Personal Project / Workshop / Bootcamp
2:45 p.m.Advisory Close

Entering Grades for 2018-19

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