Jumpstart: Elementary School

Elementary school students will have a daily core pathway course, in which they will actively engage in a rich learning environment key to success in the field of choice. This course will serve to broaden their understanding of the themes of their chosen field, creating a knowledge base from which to build their project idea.

Once they have chosen an interdisciplinary pathway, students will embark on a personalized inquiry process culminating in an authentic real world product and a public presentation of their process and product.

During their personalized inquiry process students will develop the rigorous skills required to succeed within the SAS environment. Students will have real-time support of expert SAS faculty who will guide their learning by providing targeted teaching - responsive to student needs.

The Five Pathways

Creative Arts

Students in this pathway may explore their passion for creativity in a variety of ways. Whether they choose to compose their own song, write a comic book, or refine their fine art skills through painting. Each project will require all students to research, design and present an original product. The possibilities are endless!

Global Issues

Students will have the opportunity to engage in deep exploration and research of key issues affecting modern life on our planet while using an interdisciplinary approach. Students will focus on answering a big question or solving an enduring problem surrounding an issue that captures their heart. Some hot topics for elementary school students could include: climate change, endangered wildlife species, social injustice, access to education around the world, as well as others.


Technology is undoubtedly embedded into our daily lives, and coding offers a unique opportunity for students to create and explore their ideas through a different high-tech medium. The technology pathway will provide an opportunity for students to focus on a specialized tech project of their choice while developing skills like coding, app development or game design.


Students will tap into their creative and problem solving skills while learning to use the design thinking process - an essential structure for effective project development. With the overarching goal of solving a real-world problem, students will create exciting projects like creating machines, 3D printing, building robots and more!


Students interested in starting their own business will have the opportunity to learn the basic tenets of economics, business and marketing. They will then be guided through a process to take their ideas and designing a viable business plan.

Sample Schedule

9:00 a.m.Advisory
9:20 a.m.Pathway Course
11:00 a.m.Personal Project / Workshop / Bootcamp
12:30 p.m.Lunch
1:15 p.m.Personal Project / Workshop / Bootcamp
2:45 p.m.Advisory Close

Entering Grades for 2018-19

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