Jumpstart: Early Learning Center

Students joining preschool and pre-kindergarten in fall 2018 will have their first experience in our Reggio Emilia-inspired early learning center. Over two weeks we will use a variety of themes to guide and build student interests. Students can "dress up" according to the themes if they wish!

Day One and Two: I am an adventurer!

Kids will "travel" to different countries learning about the world they live in. We will discuss where students are from, what they have seen in the world, and how they have traveled (planes, trains, and automobiles)

Day Three and Four: I am a gardener/naturalist

Kids will become one with nature. We will go on an eco-nature walk and grow an appreciation for all the wonderful things nature provides and discover for themselves how they can help nature by becoming a gardener.

Day Five and Six: I am an artist/creator

Kids will notice beauty in natural forces and things they are interested in their world to create, paint, draw, and write about.

Day Seven and Eight: I am a builder/engineer

Kids will become engineers and build replicas that they have seen or new ideas they have in mind that could possibly be built or created in the future.

Day Nine and Ten: I am an athlete

Kids will get to experience what it's like to be an athlete and what it means to take care of themselves physically and mentally. We will introduce a variety of sports working with hand-eye coordination and foot-work. Kids will become passionate about being healthy and becoming an athlete.

Entering Grades for 2018-19

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